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  1. Just in case someone looks at this thread using the stock dash speakers and not amplifing them and then replacing the door speaker and using the rears as the input for the amp then amplify the door speakers. Works great sounds great and retains the door and turn signal chimes and Bluetooth phone use.
  2. So I replaced the door speakers and added an amp to power them. But as a common problem I’ve been reading is the door chimes and turn signal gets amplified. To remedy this problem I just used the rear speakers as the input for the amp which created the problem of not having any Bluetooth audio while talking on the phone through the truck. My idea to fix this is to take the front speakers from the radio and splice them into the dash speakers. This would mean that the dash speakers are not amplified but will retain the chimes and Bluetooth audio. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I will try to tackle this problem this week and let everyone know if it works.
  3. So I ordered 4 new speakers and a 4 channel amp from crutchfield who helped pick it all out to replace the door speakers in my non bose Silverado. My question is where are you guys mounting the amp and how are you wiring the speakers. My initial thought is amp under the back seat but that means running wires from the dash to the amp and then back to the door speakers. Is this how it has to be done or is there an easier option?
  4. I have a 2005 1500hd so the battery dies and after jump starting it my windows, door locks, heated seats, every gauge except rpms, speakers and the light on the 4wd switch all don’t work. I can’t seem to find any blown fuses either. I’m at a loss here guys

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