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  1. My '18 High Country with 6.2 8-Speed had issues at 700 miles and it was shudder. So it can happen at low miles. I have about 5k on it now and since the flush its been fine.
  2. I had a similar issue with a Nissan I had at a dealer. It was there almost a month and they still didn't have the parts in. To be fair, they did give me a new one to drive. However, I called Nissan Consumer Affairs and I had my vehicle back within a week. The dealer doesn't want customer complaints filed against them. It was amazing how fast things started moving once Nissan was involved. The rep called me and kept me updated and the dealer essentially kissed my rear up until the point I got my vehicle back.
  3. Wipe some peanut butter on it. That will get the wax residue off the textured plastic.
  4. Good luck with that. My lane keep assist works so crappy there is no way on Gods green earth I would trust that system not to get me killed.
  5. I have about 850 miles on mine since the flush. Everything seems to be good. No shudder. The transmission shifts differently than it did before but in a good way. It shifts quickly and smooth. The only issue I have with any shifting is when the trans is very cold it sort of does a weird 1-2 shift the first time or two when you are slowly accelerating. I chalk that up to cold temps though.
  6. I have had mine back from the dealer now for a couple weeks. Had my '18 in with 450 miles on it. Felt the shudder on the way home a couple of times but it appears to be gone now. My dealer didn't have the new Bosch machine but used the new fluid. I have put a few hundred miles on since the flush.
  7. The fluid they used on mine was p/n 19417577 which to me seems like the same old stuff. The thing that threw me off was it was noted on my ticket that the tech used the "new updated HP Fluid with blue label".
  8. My 18 High Country was at the dealer last week at 450 miles as well for the shuddering issue. They put new fluid in with blue label but didn't have the tooling to perform the new bulletin. My shudder was there a bit on the ride home but has since disappeared.
  9. I had my 2018 in this past week for the shudder issue. They stated the new machine wasn't available but they noted they flushed and added new fluid with blue label. I felt the shudder once or twice on the way home and since then its gone. I guess we will see what happens next.
  10. I got my truck back on Friday. The shudder is gone for now. They did the old service bulletin because they didn't have the machine to perform the new one. Lets hope this fixes it, but I am sure it will come back. At least if it does the dealer should have the new machine by then.
  11. I have my 18 at the dealership this week for TCC Shudder issue. Talked to the service manager about the issue and he said they have been dealing with it for awhile. They called me later to confirm they agree I have the issue and after talking to GM they are apparently shipping them some of the new fluid. Supposedly the brand new fix stuff. We will see when I pick it up later today if it indeed works or what they actually put in it.
  12. I have had my truck at the dealership since Wednesday. They called me Wednesday afternoon and the transmission guy agreed that I had a TCC issue. The service manager said they had been talking to GM and they are getting some of the new fluid in on Friday that is supposed to be the fix. I am supposed to pick it up sometime today. I will ask them what fluid they put in and try to get more details but it sounded like this may be the new "fix" fluid. The service manager told me he had never seen one in with this few miles though, lucky me. Edit: I forgot to add that the dealership gave me a 2019 Silverado LT Z71 to drive for the past few days. The 8 speed in that is silky smooth and feels nothing like the old 8 speed. Other than that the only things I like about it are the updated radio interface and the push button start. The rest of the truck seems cheap and the exterior and interior styling just does nothing for me. The interior styling looks great in pictures, but actually sitting in it something is just off.
  13. I posted in another thread but I just got my 18 Silverado 6.2 with 8 speed on 1/10. I am already having TCC shudder. I have an appointment for tomorrow to drop the truck off. 427 miles.....
  14. I hope there can be a permanent fix. This truck purchase was one of those things where we planned on getting one exactly like I wanted now and hold on to it for longer than I have vehicles in the past. I wont be able to get my truck looked at today after all due to weather. We had a bunch of freezing rain and so the dealer obviously doesn't feel comfortable testing in in those conditions. So the plan is tomorrow now. Hopefully this gets fixed and I can start enjoying the truck. This is supposed to be the fun times in a new vehicle and not running to the dealer weekly.
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