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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate it! I had previously looked into the bilsteins but had almost decided to go with rancho quicklift just for the easy installation. But from what I’ve found the ride quality just isn’t going to compare to the bilsteins and for the money I believe I’ve made my decision. Thanks again
  2. I have a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 (not z71). I bought the truck used and it already had a leveling kit installed. As far as I can tell it is an over the strut 2”. The truck rides like I’ve cranked torsion bars up on an older model truck. It rides terrible. My previous truck was a ford and I installed a 2” rc kit on it myself over the strut and it didn’t ride any different. I’ve had the front end aligned which it needed and it did help very slightly. My question is (and I don’t think there would be any difference just want some opinions) would there be any difference in ride between the over the strut and the u-shaped kits that mount to the bottom? A half inch spacer is a half inch spacer no matter top or bottom IMO. Is the bouncy ride caused by the factory shocks and suspension not being the rancho being over stressed? I have buddies with the same truck but with the z71 package with 2.5” kits that ride better than mine. I’ve looked at getting the rancho quicklift leveling struts for the prices and ease of installment. Any recommendations or information is appreciated!

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