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  1. 2013 Silverado 5.3L Upgrade Path?

    I think I will reach out to the guys over at Black Bear and see what I can get worked out for a tune. That sounds like a nice option as long as it is switchable. I had a previous go at tuning one of my old cars (1992 ECM) and it went alright, but at this point I would rather have someone who knows the vehicles best to get the job done. It does scare me a bit about the transmission. I don't really feel like replacing parts that break. Does anyone know what kind of power the stock tranny will hold? Please keep in mind that I will be towing with it a fair amount. Up to about 7-8k lb boats. @RMR did you have to drop the transmission for those mods? I think that an exhaust will help me out. I don't really care for the loud droning noise that it will cause, so that will likely take some reasearch. Is anyone running headers on these trucks for more power? How do they sound under tow? What about installing electric fans? I have heard that this can free up some lost power. Thanks! LSA
  2. 2013 Silverado 5.3L Upgrade Path?

    I am interested in getting the truck tuned. Is BlackBear going to be the most reputable shop for something like this? Does anyone have any experience on tuning these trucks and keeping them able to pass emissions testing? I wouldn't be opposed to purchasing a second ECM to be able to pass emissions still. On some of my older cars, there was a possibility of switching the tune on a basic switch setup. Is that possible? I was thinking of sticking to quicker upgrades on the motor for now, but I would not be opposed to running a blower on it. I've heard that the 5.3L can hold a supercharger with a decent amount of boost. How well will my 6 speed transmission hold this power? I am thinking of doing exhaust and a tune for now, followed maybe by gearing. Any other suggestions? Thank you!
  3. 2013 Silverado 5.3L Upgrade Path?

    I'm just looking for some additional power over what the motor currently has, preferably on the low-end. The tires are pretty close to the stock size. The boat is pretty easy to tow, comparatively speaking, to say a travel trailer, but it is simply just heavy. I'm sitting around 7k lbs on the trailer and my truck doesn't have as much power as I would like when going up large inclines.
  4. Hi all, new to the forum here My truck recently came out of warranty, and I am ready to do some upgrades. The truck is pretty much stock with the exception of some minor stereo stuff and some 20" wheels and tries from a 2016 GMC Sierra High Terrain. Installing a Top Gun Customz 1.5" leveling kit this weekend. I do a fair amount of towing. I want to give the truck some more power for those times that it is needed. I tried searching, but I can't find out what most people are doing to these trucks to squeeze some more power from these trucks. What would you suggest? Drivetrain is totally stock. It has 3.42 gears if anyone is interested. Pic attached of the truck as of yesterday, and a bonus one with the boat behind it. Thanks for any and all advice! Lucas

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