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  1. Noticed with mine after key on if I change mode it wont change. If i change mode turn off truck then restart it will change to the mode I selected. Sounds like electrical issue with control module control head or BCM. I'll call dealer tomorrow and see what they say.
  2. I have similar problem except mine stuck on defrost. Returned to where I bought, they fixed but lasted a day, now same issue. I replaced the mode door actuator but didn't fix it. Tried resets still didnt fix it. Gonna ask around and I'll keep you posted if I figure this out. 2015 Sierra HD 6.0l
  3. 2015 Sierra HD . Change to floor or vents but stays in defrost mode. Took actuator off and seems to work when vent position buttons are pressed, but actuator turns very little in either direction. Manual HVAC. Tried new actuator, tried reset with disconnecting battery and HVAC fuse and also recalibrated with Snap on scanner.Any ideas?

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