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  1. Have you solved this issue yet? I recommend starting with the fuse for power to seats if you havent as of yet. With the symptoms your describing, I would suspect a ground wire inside the seat. I would suspect grounded in motor case? Try swapping seats, see if symptoms follow to the passenger side. If it does, then your short is in the seat. I believe you can switch out the electricals in the seat, but dont be surprised if you have to buy a whole new seat.
  2. Its electrical for sure. I would start with the fuse for it and see if its blown. Then move on to your sun roof switch and see if it is corroded. As we know the sunroof can only open under the trucks power when started. So I am assuming it got the connectors bend or piece of debri is in it creating a complete circuit as if you are actually pushing the button. If you see nothing, then I would replace it.
  3. I know how these issues can burn a hole in you. Ever since GM and Chevy went to LS V8s, Duramaxs, 4.3 3.8 v6 Engines, these symptoms you are having is actually that way. For example, my 2001 S10 4.3 4x4 has 2 sensors that caused it to idle rough, and shift hard. These new engine classes utilize the new style distributors associated with the main CPUs. Keep in mind Duramaxs have 2 cpus. The engines use multiple sensors to keep engine in tune with with everything. The old days of advancing distributors on the 350s are obsolete. All the new are set with preset sync sensors as you are probably aware. With my S10, I changed out Air Maf sensor, still had idle issues, changed out distributor, still had hard shifts and idle issues. Then I learned the harmonic sync sensor can cause same problem, it was located on bottom of engine behind the belt, as soon as I replaced it, truck runs like a top. Hope this helps
  4. Good Morning paul, As an owner of 2012 and now 2016 full size lifted chevy deisels, some of these questions you have sound to be that of a new owner? If you are, it can take time to adjust to differences between a V8 and a duramax diesel. First off, i would want to know if you have the windbreaker/bug guards around your driver and passenger windows? If so, these can create the noise you heard above 40 mph. Also if you have your windows crack just barely, this will make it sound like a jet plane about to take off above 40mph. If your not already aware, duramax diesels have a turbo in them for horse power, when picking up high rates of speed they will sound like high winds above 30 mph. You stated you were on trailhead, any foreign object stuck in the radiator guard will offset the typical wind patterns that will create what your hearing at high speeds. Lastly the rattling noise above your head that quit when you got on highway, I suspect was a acorn, or pine cone, or anything similar that blew off as you hit the highway. Check all those I mentioned before you start worrying about the truck. Take care
  5. Also check spark plug wires, if one is melted or gone bad, it will make it seems like loss of power and idle
  6. Any Luck? I would agree with silverodosid on the starter issue. If your going to replace starter, but a complete new one, don't buy a rehab. You will just waste time delaying the enedible. The idle issue sounds more involved with throttle body area where autom idle is located. Try the basics, clean your air sensor, run half can of sea foam in 15 gallons of gas and see if it can also be water in tank, and injectors..
  7. Out of curiosity, do you have a Def fluid system installed on it? If so like mine, after the fluid is gone, it won't allow me to do over 60mph. Other possible traits with what your describing, start small and run a half can of sea foam in 15 gallons of diesel and see if it is just water in tank and injectors. If it persists, check spark plugs, if still happening, time to change out injectors.
  8. Did you check all the associated fuses? Cluster, Aux, and others. remember to check in the dash fuses and under hood. Cluster fuse would be for your speedometer and gas gages etc.
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