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  1. Did you ever resolve any of this? It sounds like your unaware of the daylight running lights cut out switch? If you don't turn it off Yes your headlights will stay on when your started. It's the single button above the fog light switch, or just below the dimmer dial. Push it twice quickly, it should chime. Now your daylight auto running lights are off. You can now turn your running light/ headlights on and off manually. Unfortunately you have to do this each time you start the truck. As far as the 6 pin connector sticking out, I would lay odds it was a old school style hard drive with music on it that could be connected to it..
  2. Double click the single button above the fog light switch. It turns off your daylight running lights. You will know its off because it will ding and all your lights on dash will go off unless you turn your running lights on.
  3. Make sure the oil filter holder is not also a problem. Sometimes those are put in a position where it impeeds the pan from coming off. Otherwise, take a 1 inch putty knife, and see if ut just make be old and cousing it to not drop all the way. I have dealt with it b4. Simply an old compressed oil pan gasket.
  4. Guarantee those clips holdine the lines in running beside oil pan on passenger side is your karma for it not dropping. Make sure. You definitely got all bolts, clips lose, then take a heavy rubber mallet and give it a few knocks. Those clips are still attacked to either the pan, or the mount above, they will hender pan dropping.
  5. If you can trace where your antenna Wire goes thru fire wall, that wire will be bigger than you video wire. Should have a piece of rubber around it that if removed should make hole bigger. Other wise, around by the glove box area on right shouldn't be an issue. Hard part would be getting around A/C parts by firewall. Sounds like why the other guy went thru cab vent.
  6. I believe he is referring to vent that is in back of cab in between cab and bed. My recommendation is run your wire along the rout of your frame rail along with your rear lights. Then find where the main power wires are leading back into your firewall to your fuse panel. They usually use a rubber type protector. I have ran fuel pumps this way back thru fire wall. Also can find where the antenna wire leads thru fire wall, if you han get thru that way, it puts your wire by the radio. Gives you couple better routes this way.
  7. Keep in mind, any of those trucks you see with different rims has had alot of modifications to do so. Gm used 4.75 bolt pattern on the hubs for S10, Impala, and the Cobalt platforms. Camaro's I believe are closer to the 4.5 bolt pattern. They are usually a 16 to 17 inch rim size. All the 4.75 bolt patterns were 15 and 16 inch rims. The easiest way some do it is with spacers that offset your bolt pattern. I know guys who wanted thier jeep rims on the S10, and used spacer to create the 4.5 bolt pattern required. Spacers work, but under alot of torque, or load, the tend to break. They are usually forged out of aluminum of a composite metal. I am running 33's on my stock 15 inch rims. Not utilizing spacers, and have 6 inch lift..
  8. They used same rim from 94 till 2004. Rough country has a 16 inch black steely as well that will work. Just need smaller tire. PartsGeek.com has em.
  9. Dexron is the brownish. Damn auto correct
  10. Looks like you have two different coolants mixed. The brownish is the dacron made for newer GM vehicles. The green I would say was Prestone. I would drain all of it, keep all drain plugs open, run your hose thru the radiator, the fill tank, just flush all that out. Take top radiator hose off radiator side, leave other end connected to engine, turn hose on, have someone turn engine over for a couple minutes. This will flush out the mix internal in engine. Let it sit till all fluid and water is down to a drip. Then put plugs back in, 89 shouldn't need dexron, but y pi y can use it. But you need to pick one and only use one. Those two combined after awhile will form a gell that seizes up your radiator and forms in your engine.
  11. Check your vaccum hoses off your TBI from your vacuum canister. Check at the points of connections before you chase the line. 90 percent of time they break and the point of connection. Here is a diagram layout for you year emission vacuum to follow. Check them all. If the one to your TBI from vaccum is damage, it will cause a hard start and die. But dont give up on the tune up. 90,000 most sparkplugs are good for 60 to 70,000. Same with wires, points, rotors. Fuel filters are good for 60,000. Fuel pumps between 95,000 and 120,000.
  12. One last thing you can try. Like spiney mentioned, it will take a bit. But remove the cover plates for removing the radio, should be just a couple of screws, the rest should pop out with a slim standard screw driver, or putty knife. Pull the radio out, and check to see if any if the connectors for wire ar loose and pulled out? If so, push back in and see if it resolves itself. The other thing to try, is to swap r speaker w left, see if it is louder. If so, then if radio took a dump, you can either buy a factory replacement an reinstall, or get a better one, but the adapter mount kit that fits your truck.
  13. It was for me. 6 bolts, jack up bed, block it up. Change out pumps.
  14. Start with the basics. Change all the plugs, wires, cap n rotor. Make sure to take pic of how the plug wires are b4 you start. Do one plug, one wire at a time. Also change out fuel filter, usually below driver side inside frame area. See where that gets you.
  15. Vaccum lines are the worst. If these come loose, or break, they will cause major shaking and vibrations. To include not shifting correctly for automatics.
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