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  1. could you get me a shipping quote to 67212?
  2. Thanks man, that makes me out. They are 1499 here, but by the time i pay shipping, I am going to be at that. Thanks though.
  3. Would you mind getting me a shipping quote to 67212?
  4. the ride felt way more stiff..........and a little more bouncy
  5. I just installed these a few weeks ago. The shock itself has notches that will raise the bottom of the spring seat to give you your lift. I went just one notch from the stock position. This will add some pre-load to the spring and give you the lift you are looking for.....however, I will say, I can notice a ride difference.......and im not incredibly happy with the result. I wish I would have just left it at the stock height. I will likely go back and change it.....just didnt feel like doing all that work agan.
  6. Well, Went with VLED's for my new headlights. They were considerably more money.........VLED's was 175.00 and the superbrightleds was 69.99......but I am not as much concerned with the cost as I am wanting to have functioning headlights. Got them installed last night, just before I had to take off to the movie theater to catch the new Avengers. Drove 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back and they stayed on the entire time. The others surely would have went out by then, so hopefully my issue is resolved. I ordered the Anti-Flicker Error Cancellers, and didnt install them.....hopefully I dont have to. I was able to slide the driver of the LED's into the headlight housing and replace the cover. Not sure if I would have been able to wedge the Cancellers in there as well so hopefully I dont need them.
  7. Thanks bro.......Im not a black out fan either
  8. Haven’t checked in for a little while.......ordered some LED replacement bulbs from superbrightleds. I have these is about 3 cars and been happy. I put in my headlights and began having issues almost immediately. The lights would turn on, and depending on the day, they would shut off afternoon an undisclosed time. Sometimes it takes 30 seconds....sometimes 10 minutes. I wondered if it had to do with over heating in the water right compartment that they are in. Has anyone else ran into a similar issue? Do any of you guys run without replacing that cover that keeps the headlights waterproof? I ordered another set from another company....and they were way more money.....hopefully I have some luck. I will keep you posted.
  9. I dont know how long you are willing to wait, but I am going to be swapping my stocks for a set of Amp's. I have a 15 All Terrain, pretty sure they are the same.......
  10. didnt get a message........you can try again or text me at 316-409-6148
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