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  1. Figured I'd update this with what I've done so far. Not everyones cup of tea I know but I love it so far and that's what counts. Set of KMC Rockstar 2's Borla GM Exhaust Bakflip MK4 tonneau cover Black mesh insert for front grille Aeries 6" black running boards Plastidip the emblems matte black next once the weather warms up.
  2. Good day all, This isn't going to be a question on whether or not these will fit without rubbing or if I'll see substantial changes in mpg. There is a tonne of information I already researched on those topics. However there are a couple of questions I'd like to have answered that was a bit harder to find when pertaining to GM's trucks specifically. Once my factory tires wear out I was gonna up the size to 285/70r17 bfg ko2's with a C load rating. I was also looking at the 275/70r17 bfg's but those are only in an E load rating and I dont want the heavier tire. My question is this: Has anyone had any issues with extra wear on brakes, issues with their transmission, extra wear on their UV and ball joints etc from upping their tire size to 285's. It's a new truck and I dont wanna find out my transmission is damaged cause of oversized tires, and as a result void the warranty on the transmission. I have a rear axle ratio of 3.42. The difference in diameter is about 3.5% from the factory wheels and I know it's a rule of thumb to try and keep it below 3%. I know upsizing can result in gear hunting, power loss and increased gas consumption, so if getting 285's is too troublesome I'll try and find a set of 275's with a C load rating.
  3. Question on fitting 285/70r17 on a 17x8 rim with a +10 mm offset. So I just purchased a set of KMC XD811 rockstar 2's for my 2018 GMC sierra 1500 to replace the stock 17x8 rims. Truck has a 2 inch level and I know I can fit 285's on stock wheels with a +24mm offset. My question is does anyone know if a +10 mm offset is enough of a difference from +24mm to result in rubbing with the 285s. I was gonna purchase a set of 285/70r17 BFG KO2's once my 265/70r17 Bridgestone duelers were worn down.
  4. Just recently purchased a BAKflip mx4 hard trifold tonneau cover for my 2018 sierra 1500 crew cab standard box and was playing around with the idea of getting a sport bar to mount some lights above the cab. However most sport bars are not compatible with a hard folding tonneau cover. Does anyone know of any sport bars that would work with this setup? I've been looking at the Go Rhino Sport Bar 2.0 which mounts to the top of the rails which would theoretically not interfere with my tonneau cover since it sits flush with my bed rather than on top. Will the bar itself get in the way when folding up the tonneau cover? Has anyone had any experience trying to get a similar setup to fit their rig? Thanks!
  5. Good day people, I need your help with some confusion on fitment of aftermarket rims for my 2018 GMC Sierra. I'm looking at ordering 18x9 chrome Moto Metal MO951 rims. https://www.tdotperformance.ca/moto-metal-mo9518968218-mo951-chrome-18-x-9-6x139-7-6x5-5-18-os-5-71-bs.html?__fitment=YTo4OntzOjQ6InllYXIiO3M6MzoiMzAxIjtzOjQ6Im1ha2UiO3M6MzoiMzAyIjtzOjU6Im1vZGVsIjtzOjM6IjMwMyI7czoyMToid2hlZWxfZGlhbWV0ZXJfcGRfZml0IjtzOjY6IjQwNDYyNiI7czoxODoid2hlZWxfd2lkdGhfcGRfZml0IjtzOjY6IjQwMzAyNSI7czoxOToiYm9sdF9wYXR0ZXJuX3BkX2ZpdCI7czo2OiI0MDQ2NTciO3M6MTg6ImNlbnRlcl9ib3JlX3BkX2ZpdCI7czo2OiI0MDYzNjUiO3M6MTM6Im9mZnNldF9wZF9maXQiO3M6NjoiNDA0NjQ4Ijt9 Specs are: BOLT PATTERN (METRIC): 6x139.7 OFFSET: 18 BACKSPACING: 5.71 CENTERBORE: 106.25 Truck has a 2" level kit installed by GM. I know my truck currently has 17x8 rims with the following specs: BOLT PATTERN (METRIC): 6x139.7 OFFSET: 24 CENTERBORE: 78.1 The thing I'm confused about is when trying the fitment option on most websites, they say that these wheels will not fit a 2018 sierra 1500. Even though other wheels that are 18x9 with similar offsets say they fit fine. Has anyone bought these wheels for their truck and had them fit sucessfully? I dont wanna order 4 of them and find out they indeed will not fit.
  6. Beautiful truck, what size and brand are those wheels?
  7. Dunno if those will overdo it with the chrome tbh, I'll just stick to a grille insert and chrome wheels.
  8. I'm in canada lol, might be a bit far for a swap
  9. Think I've decided on what I want in the end, thanks for the help! I'm gonna stick with a chrome grill and get some 18" chrome wheels. Mainly got the truck for the ride height in the winter and ease of moving things around when needed. No offroading for this one.
  10. What about if I skipped over the bull bar, got 18-20" chrome wheels and got a different billet grille with a bit of chrome in it. Should still look nice I think.
  11. Just bought a 2018 sierra and I'm stuck on a few ideas on what to do with accessories, so I figured I'd post here for some opinions. Its leveled with a factory 2" leveling kit. The thing is that I cant seem to decide between black or chrome/stainless steel accessories. First idea Get black machined wheels and a black bull bar, and swap out the running boards for a black powdercoated variant. Thinking black since my grille does not have chrome inserts and part of the bumper is black. Would also match the black lip around the wheel wells. Maybe even get a black mesh T-rex grille. Not sure if I wanna try and color match the bumpers eventually, stainless holds up better against rock chips. Second Idea Polished stainless steel bull bar with chrome or silver machined wheels. Possibly get some chrome grill inserts. Would match the stainless steel bumpers and running boards I currently have on it, but I dont want to go overboard with the chrome/stainless look. Pictures of either setup with the stainless steel bumpers would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

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