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  1. On the 2016-18 Z71’s. Has anyone had trouble with the adhesive on the molding? Every time I look over at it, it’s popping out and noticeable. Im A little worried that it’s going to end up ripping off soon. I cleaned it up and used 3M double sided tape on it but looks like it keep wearing off for some reason.
  2. I tried that at first but I put my ohm reader to all the pins and wasn’t getting power. I only got power to it when I turned on the switch. I’m going to try another magnetic switch or possibly some type of pin switch. Thanks for the input guys.
  3. Where did you put your switch inside the box? I was thinking of adding the switch after the magnetic failed but couldn’t really figure a place to put it.
  4. Yes that’s what I mainly wanted is for only turn on when the tailgate dropped. on the magnetic switch all I had to do was hook up one wire to a constant 12v battery source which I was doing so by hooking up directly to the battery. And then the other wire would go to the positive side of the LED lights. I had power to them but they wouldn’t turn off whenever I lifted the tailgate and made contact with the magnet. So instead I had to tap into the fuse box on the passenger side for the cargo light. Now the only way they’ll turn on is by hitting that switch. My other option was tapping into the parking lights.
  5. For anyone who's added their own lighting to their truck bed, what was your choice to powering them on? I tried adding a magnetic switch to the tailgate so that whenever it'd open the lights would come on. Wiring was done as instructions said and spent hours on it trying to get it to work. But I was left with the option with turning them on whenever I hit the Cargo light button inside the Cab.
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