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  1. Thanks, got that info from the scan... was wondering if anyone here had this issue and where the possible solutions may lay. I should say common solutions such as grounds, or broken wires etc..
  2. Plowing is hard on the powertrain, check tranny fluid and for leaks around axle shafts, transfer case and rear diff. It's been 30yrs since I've ran a plow... but those are the points i'd check as well as frame rust.
  3. New member here with a question. I've been reading the forum for a couple months and finally decided to ask a question. I have an ABS light on, only abs..not a brake light. I scanned and came up with code c0267, what could be the culprit? I've seen several c0265 mentioned on here, but no mention of 267. Brake fluid is to level, pads and rotors in good shape... is it the EBCM or a bad ground or??? Thanks for taking the time to read!
  4. New member, current ride is 01 Silverado LT Z71. Thanks for having me on board.
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