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  1. Just PM'd you with pix...found it, hopefully it's the one you need. And it would be nice to get that out of my shop I still have a decent amount of interior parts from the truck when my daughter wrecked it in fall of 2017, so if anyone needs anything please let me know (no engine or drivetrain parts, mainly just interior stuff and smaller parts & pieces). Most parts will fit the 99-02 trucks, some will also fit the 00-02 Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon.
  2. I might actually have one of these! Had a 99 Z71 extended cab my daughter wrecked & I bought it back from the insurance company & then stripped it of anything and everything usable. Including almost the entire interior. Let me see if I can track that thing down & I'll get back to you Tuesday.
  3. Southwest Michigan...Three Oaks (or as the saying goes, two oaks and a stump!) in Berrien County.
  4. I did this very same mod to my 99 Z71 many years ago. I'll have to look up my notes as to where I got the folding switch connections (big layer of dust on those notes, lol!) but if my memory serves me correctly, illumination & ground I got from the headlight switch & for power I believe I tapped into a constant hot wire...but exactly where I got that one, I'll have to look to be sure. I can tell you, though, that for the puddle lamps, the easiest way to hook them up is to just tap into the door courtesy light if yours has them, or to one of the under-dash lights. That's what I did on mine, as there was no dedicated circuit for the puddle lamps as on the later / higher end trucks.
  5. Mike, Figured I would not only get signed up on the forum (been on my to-do list for way too long!), but also figured it best to reply here so everyone can see this. After reviewing this thread, I can say for sure that the Homelink mirrors we sell will work and will be plug & play if you do the wiring mods per Phil's info on the previous posts. Now...keep in mind that to keep it plug & play, you'd have to be OK with the Homelink buttons only being operable when the ignition is on, as there is no constant hot wire in the existing 10 pin plug. But if you happen to want Homelink to be operable at all times, we could separate out the Homelink power wire & you would then just need to run it to a nearby constant hot source, such as the maplights, and tap into one of those for constant power to the Homelink buttons. We can also include in our harness the exterior dimming mirror control wires, as well as the reverse light wire too if desired. Please note that not all of the Homelink mirrors have the exterior dimming mirror control wires, but considering we stock over 500 new and used mirrors, it won't be a problem to get you whichever mirror you'd like. And to confirm what was mentioned in a previous post, there won't be any issues if you have an OnStar mirror and remove it...the mirror only serves the purpose of having the OnStar control buttons, so if you don't use OnStar, it won't cause any problems or error messages or anything like that. Hope this helps!
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