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  1. I made three short runs in a row one evening, short like a couple of blocks and back to the house and on the third one truck almost didn’t start like the battery was dead. I went ahead and went down the road but the whole trip the anti theft light stayed on. When I got home I put the charger on the battery for the night and parked it in case I had to jump it. Surprisingly it fired right up with no issues but I went ahead and replaced the battery since the one in it was a Delco and I couldn’t find any indication of how old it was. Only had the truck for three months so wanted to play it safe. No more issues until it randomly died pulling away from the gas pump on Saturday. Very very little faith in this thing after the issues so far after only three months, bought it used yes but low miles and expected more I guess.
  2. My 14 LTZ does not indicate this. I thought the seat recognized the FOB based on my wife’s suburban. I only have one FOB for my truck so can’t compare.
  3. Same thing happened to me after fueling up on Saturday. Went three feet engine died, radio went to AM station, blower motor cycled around, steering wheel jerked all around even though I was going straight. Turned the key off and restarted and all has been well. No lights or messages either. I read similar threads reads here and there about battery grounds being loose. Plan on following cables from the battery and checking all connections at the next opportunity.
  4. My 14 started doing this about a month after I bought it (bought it used with 90k). Previous owner had lower ball joints replaced and the RC upper arms Installed about a year previous. Truck has RC 7inch lift. Shop says ball joint on the side that makes noise is worn but not out of spec yet. If I grease it every week noise almost goes away. Shop said it sounded more like a bushing, which I agree with. Like yours only while parked or going real slow. The rubber boot on both lower joints is practically gone and I don’t think the truck was ever greased after install. I had to jack the front end up by the frame to get the lowers to even take grease. Im still saving money after the new transmission but contemplating replacing the whole lower control are in order to get new bushings as well as ball joints.
  5. Unfortunately no extended warranty. I bought it off a lot so I guess it was all on me to spot it. Having driven my wife’s 2015 suburban I thought I had a good feel for these transmissions but obvisously not. There was about three days of a tale which I had incorrectly determined to be the TC locking and unlocking on the highway that others have noted. I was actually headed to the dealer for a trans flush and inspection when it went out. I am stepping out of a twenty year old Powerstroke so going back to a gasoline half ton has been a learning experience. I must give the car salesman some credit he did chip in a grand to help which he didn’t have to do.
  6. Several good points made here. I guess it all comes down to buying new versus used in a way. There is always a risk when you don’t know the history of something. On a a side note the recommended service intervals in the manual do not show a transmission fluid change until 95,700 miles. Dealer recommended every 50k as do several members of this forum. Why? And let’s go ahead and weed out the obvious, a $300 dealer flush and fill is cheaper than $4,000 new tranny.
  7. Good to know as mine is lifted on 35’s as well. Supposedly bought that way from the dealer. Also unfortunately with the 3.08 gears. At first I was really disappointed with that fact alone. Even if it was stock suspension and wheels it’s almost useless as a truck. Needless to say I didn’t do my homework in this one. Twice as frustrating is that my wife drives a 2015 suburban with the same drive train and almost identical miles. So I still have a time bomb in the garage. Should have kept my 20 year old Powerstroke at this rate.
  8. So my new to me 2014 Silverado with 95,000 miles just lost its transmission in the first week of me owning it. In calling around to local transmission shops the general consensus is that these transmissions will only reasonably last 80 to 100 thousand miles without either the pump or torque converter going out. Anybody have any thoughts or similar findings?
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