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  1. My dealer wants to re seal it for 2nd time and they are refusing to replace the whole assy. I really don’t want to mess again. Should I start calling GM customer service or give them another try? I not sure If customer service will do anything:(
  2. Add me to list also. Dealer 1st attempt failed, now I have to take it to dealer again hopefully I get lucky this time
  3. Blackout the badge, next is remove Sierra badge from back.
  4. Yeah I didn’t mean to say it’s slow. It’s slower than V6 EcoBoost even my 6.2 is slower than v6 EcoBoost but not by much. As other people saying all trucks are kind of same on this days.
  5. Actually 5.0 is too slow, you should try V6 TT. That truck is faster than 6.2 but v8 6.2 feels way better to drive and sound good also.
  6. Don’t get me wrong, I bought the 6.2 because I love it. I just with I had bigger tank
  7. That’s a good MPG. I have 2019 with stock 22” wheels and best I get is 12 mpg with 90% driving in city. I only have 300 mile on truck thought, it’s too early to say the exact number
  8. Do we have any vendor here to buy cover ? Where try to find best deal on bakMX4. I had it before and I like them.
  9. Thanks man. I know they are not waterproof but just want to ask.
  10. I had MX4 and was leaking little bit after heavy rain. How is the ultra flex ? Have you notice any leak ?
  11. I agree with you on 3.5L Ecoboosta engine. Ford was faster than Denali for sure but I like the v8 sound on 6.2 engine better.
  12. I hope I don’t have problem with gm. Atleast I don’t see any report of problems with 2019 yettt
  13. I wouldn’t buy ford until they fix the problems. Wind noise in cabin, door latches, transmission, and other problems. Read f150 forum before you buy one
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