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  1. Not sure if im putting this in the right place, but i am really stumped. My 01 yukon xl keeps going into limp mode after start. We have had it on multiple code readers, each time thinking we fixed the issue. But then we would clear it out, sometimes it runs for a day or 2, r then it happens again, each time throwing a diff code or set of codes.. These are all tbe codes it has thrown- C0298, C0292, P0300, P1221, P1515... The last thing i did to it was i pulled the ign fuses from under the hood and replaced them, which worked for a coupel days. Can anyone please help me out woth this? **Also worth noting- i had noticed before the issue started that after driving it, the gas,tank made this weird metal ping sound within about 10-30 seconds after turning the engine off. Just one ping but it happened every time. Not sure if related, but maybe? Thanks for any suggestions..

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