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  1. So after posting to Twitter because the dealers wouldn't do anything they reached out to me and provided a 360.80 cost assistance that was generated by a "policy tool". After contacting the dealership to set this up after I was explained further that it was off the top cost not off my insurance deductible of 500 so my cost would be 541. I told them I might as well stay with my original plan of having Safelite do the repair (as they would be the ones doing the repair at the dealership anyway) and pay only 500. I went to my appointment on Saturday and was informed they couldn't do the work as I have a topper on my truck, They wouldn't touch my topper. After getting out of them that they see about 2 a week on average for the same issue I told them they wouldn't see me again and another place would be doing the work.
  2. Just had this happen to my truck yesterday. So far I have the dealers telling me this never happens. Have made a appointment to get replaced by Safelite.
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