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    Don't try and figure this out.
  8. Disable ABS/Traction Control

    I can't help to think what people did before all this help from there truck. O wait, maybe they just drove them I to hate all this new school bullsh*t.
  9. Disable ABS/Traction Control

    Look thru the forums, There you will find what you seek. A lot of information already posted. I know, I have been looking for the same thing
  10. Make sure the air pressure is good in all tires also. This can trigger stabilatrak.
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  14. Stabilitrak is what came on when I had the lifter fail. Oil pressure !
  15. Thanks for thread, Been looking for info on WHY this happens. Just wounder why they hav'ent done anything about it. I guess the new trucks are more like cars today.

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