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  1. Here’s my 2018 Silverado z71 that has a 4 inch lift with method NVs wrapped in a 295/70/17 toyo open country R/T, also has morimoto XB LED headlights with a blackout grille. Also still looking for a skid plate for the front, found a few but not sure if there worth the $500+
  2. Looking for a gloss black 16-18 Silverado grille if you have one please message me!
  3. I don’t think they make it for the 2015 but it’s a bug deflector made by AVS think it’s called AVS aeroskin lightshield.
  4. I have a 2018 Silverado Z71 been slowly converting it into a “trail boss” have 17 inch method NV with 33s open country RT. 4 inch ready lift kit also. Now I’m looking into getting the morimoto headlights to get that 19+ headlight look and then blacking our the grill and headlight bezzel. Here’s what my truck looks like so far
  5. All new to this whole rim and tire setups. so would a 295-70-17 fit with a 2 inch level or is 285-70-17 the biggest you guys would go?
  6. Does anyone know where the best place to get the USBs needed for the HMI for the center console? I’ve ordered the 3 cables needed off of Gmpartscenter.net and the cables have been on backorder for almost a month now. If anyone could give me a better website to order off of that would be awesome! Thanks!
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