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  1. If I use at Melling pump I've heard I get roughly eight more PSI for oil pressure out of it. Does this impact the AFM lifters at all in a negative way? Currently I'm running roughly 30 PSI at 65 miles an hour. Do I need to remove the oil pump inlet tube bolts to get the oil pump out?
  2. To start, I have read for hours on forums to find a cure. I have a 2012 Silverado 5.3 (LC9) 1500 with 134,000 miles. I have had low oil pressure on the gauge and the P0521 code. So I replace the oil pressure sensor and put a new screen/filter under it. *Note, I did not pull one out before hand, so it didn't have one. The pressure dropped for the first and only time to shut the engine off. So I removed the damn filter/screen and changed the oil again. After this I replaced the pick up tube O ring and cleaned the oil pan. Once again I was good for a couple hundred miles and the O ring did not seem to make a difference. I'm using a AC Delco filter UPF48R and Mobil 1 synthetic 5w-30. For a couple hundred miles I cold start at 40 psi, then roughly 22 at idle. Then the pressure drops after those couple hundred miles to roughly 25 psi highway. AFM is disabled (HP Tuners) and I have a catch can for the PCV reroute. Everything else is stock. I would love for some help on this since I seem to be a wit's end now. My next thought is mechanically test the pressure at a dealer and most likely a new oil pump... I have read about people with this same issue and a new oil pump doesn't solve this.
  3. I'm hoping someone can answer this question of mine. Currently I have a 2012 Sierra crew cab with the 5.8' bed. I am hoping to put a 6.6' bed on it. I looked up the specs and it seems that the extended cab with a 6.6' bed and a crew cab with the 5.8' bed have the same wheel base and overall length. Is it feasbile to do this?
  4. I'm looking to trade my chrome parts for summit white ones. The parts are the bumper caps (with fogs), intake valance on bumper, and the grille. My preference would be to lean towards this grille if someone has it (22767482). My second preference is the ltz split grille. I included a picture of my truck and the second one (close up) is my goal. I live around Richfield, WI. My email is [email protected] Thanks for reading!
  5. I'd highly recommend not doing this lol ?. What a PITA! I took the mounts (or base) from a NNBS (2007.5-2013) and ground the large nubs off. After that I used the mirror part from a KX2 (2014-2018) and installed it to the base. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to get both mirrors apart. I had to cut all wires on both mirror sets and put the NNBS connecter onto the KX2 mirrors. I personally love the look but not everything is perfect. I tried to capture pictures of things that didn't line up exactly as I wished they would have! Step 1. Get both types of mirrors 2. Disassemble both mirrors 3. Take retainer ring off both sets of mirrors to allow the base to come free from the mirror assembly. 4. Cut connecters off both mirror sets (leave enough room to reattach NNBS connection to KX2 mirror). 5. Grind inner nubs off NNBS base. 6. Put KX2 wire through NNBS base (don't forget to put retainer ring back on after you rebend the tabs 7. Put the PITA retainer ring on to hold base to mirror. 8. Put NNBS connection onto KX2 wiring harness. 9. Put caps back on mirrors (I painted mine white). 10. Install them on the truck (make sure you plug in and test power options first).
  6. Can't you take the base from a NNBS and put it on the KX2 mirrors?
  7. I'm wondering if these mirrors will fit on a 2013 1500 Silverado (NNBS), I am well aware they are for the 2014 Silverado (KX2) The part number for the KX2 mirrors is AM-2638896776
  8. I have a 2013 Silverado 4x4 with 285/17R17 tires and a two inch leveling kit. The rims details are listed below hopefully (American Outlaw, Deputies S116). I have pocket side flares on it and I'd like to have the tires stuck out a little bit or flush. Will I rub (I don't currently) with the proper wheel adapters.
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