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  1. Hi Lapoolboy, Just wondering what you meant by, "the unsettling roar of the CVs". Thanks, Ken
  2. 2019 Trail Boss w/Ready Lift Plus 2" SST lift kit. Just the right height, able to get in and out with ease .
  3. I removed the OEM Mud Flap and plastic bracket added SCA Flares and still had a rub at full lock. Then added the Ready Lift Plus 2" SST...no more rub.
  4. Update: Ready Lift 2" SST Lift Kit for Trail Boss...Very satisfied so far. No more rub!
  5. 2019 Trail Boss with Ready Lift 2" SST Lift Kit (4" total) SCA Fender Flares Fuel Assault Rims 20X10 -18 BF Goodrich KO2 305/55/20 (33.21") No Rub Want 35's Eye Catcher Tailgate Insert Letters Blacked out letters
  6. Beautiful truck... great Job! How hard was it to remove the bracket attached to the frame behind the Mud flap?
  7. That's a picture perfect add shot! All three of them.
  8. Nice work very good video angles and also very descriptive. Did you get a CEL? Did you have to tune?
  9. I removed the original mud flaps when I added the SCA flares. That was the major rub. Had to cut away some of the felt liner, I still have minimal rubbing on reverse turning. I am waiting for the Ready Lift level kit for trail Boss then air bags on rear. I don't want to go too high on the lift because I tow boat and soon RV. I am Hoping the level will take the rest of rub out. I will keep you posted.
  10. Fuel Assault Rims 20X10 -18 on BFG KO2 305/55/20
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