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  1. picking up the z71 friday... pretty excited 45,500 before tax!
  2. anybody have any pictures of all terrains with the oem black lpo 6 spoke 22's?
  3. jezz i just looked at laura.... 2019 rst z71 silverado 13k off sticker.... brings it down to 41k....... they gotta do better on the 18's
  4. Is 14500 off the Silverado a killer deal ? Same with the at. 14k off. Or can I press them for more.
  5. I myself was set on. All terrain until I saw a Z71 on stock 22's and love it.
  6. I really like the chevy. Just trying to justify the money. It's roughly 100 more a mo payment.
  7. I don't know if it has the 8 speed or not. If it does what's the problem with it. ?
  8. At is a 5.3. For extras the at just has the all terrain package navi and a bed cover. ... chevy has the 6.2. Big brake kit z71 nav. Black 22's. 6 spike rims. All weather may package. Has the air conditioned seats. And ltz plus package.
  9. thanks for your input.....the chevy is 8k more then the all terrain.....
  10. hey guys... new here... looking to buy one of these 2 trucks this week and was looking for some advice.. truck 1 is a 2018 silverado double cab ltz z71 fully loaded.. 6.2 black lpo 22's also has the chevy performance brembos... sticker is 60,500 and the dealer will let it go for 46k plus tax ect etc... truck 2 is a 2018 sierra all terrain slt... sticker on that one is 52500 and they are letting that one go for 38,000 plus tax tags....is the silverado worth another 8k? is that a good price for either trucks???? any input helps ... thanks !
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