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  1. Traded her in today. Just wanted to say farewell and thanks to everyone on this forum. I got a lot of help here the past three years and I hope I haloed out some too! Great group of peeps. Take care and be well!!!
  2. Hi All, So trading the truck in in a couple weeks for the next adventure and i took out some of the mods i have. Pulled out my Range AFM (RA003R) with the Red LED. That is up for grabs. Got it for around $200 on Amazon, I'll do $120 Shipped in the original box. Nice mod to have esp with that AFM/DFM Class action stuff going on with GM right now. I also had installed the upgraded rear-view camera from Camera Source. Which was excellent... and this camera came with fixed guidelines in it (which I also wanted.) so i just turned off the dynamic lines in the settings. However this camera has the flexibility to remove the guidelines by cutting a small wire loop in the wiring harness which shuts them off. (The instructions show which wire to cut as there are 2, one flips the image for use as a front cam, the other shuts off the guidelines... so read that, don't do a Riggs & Murtaugh special haha.) Its plug-n-play and just replaces the old one right from the rear module into the tailgate, and this is the one that's wired for the keyless entry locking tailgate. Just the camera and wiring harness tho, fits right into the existing handle. pretty easy install. Got this for $185 at Camera Source's website. I'll do $110 shipped. Let me know if there's any questions... these are also up on my ebay. (both have been sold, thx.)
  3. will do. i may not be able to provide long term data, as i'm parting ways with this truck in a couple months. but right before she goes i'll update and send pics. but yes, those quotes for line-x on the bars were crazy-pants... more than these bars even cost!!
  4. So that was my exact thought before tryin this rattle can experiment. So I contacted one of the local line-x shops here and the dude I don’t think really read my message, cuz he was like “yeah it’s $599 to do your bed, and we can also do your step bars.” So I was like “actually the bed is already sprayed, I just need the steps done and a quote for that.” them: … so I tried the $15 method
  5. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ finally got around to addressing these things… the OEM Step bars for the All-Terrain. Flaking like crazy. Took em off, power-washed them to get off all the loose stuff. I know there are people who swear by it, but I have yet to see something powder coated stay coated. And these are only 3.5 yrs old. Anyway, I don’t really have the means to fully strip them so I got off all the stuff that would come off. Cleaned them with some brake cleaner and then some simple green, then alcohol, and then used a can and a half of this stuff (3 coats) They Lk good, but we’ll see if it lasts. (That said they don’t have to last past March )
  6. +1 on that question... i have the low profile tape ons and i've liked them so far because they sort of look like the in-channel... real clean minimal look, but even with my windows closed i hear them whizznistling on the highway.
  7. I know a few of us are watching the topic of dash backlights being out (particularly in the hvac controls block) in this thread. to update you guys, i have ordered a bunch of LEDs that get here tomorrow and i'll try replacing the ones that are out (or all of them if there is a color mismatch with the new leds and the oem.) in the meantime i did some google searching and found a profile on here (and i hope he doesn't mind me linking his build thread here,) but bc-chris has a how-to on pulling apart most of the panels in the cabin that have the tiny LEDs in them when he changed the color of his by putting a gel over them. but the disassembly descriptions he gives are awesome! (so thanks Chris!) the one for the hvac controls is about halfway down page 4 in the below link.
  8. haha holy dog sh!+... they DO! https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/surface-mount-smd/cool-white-2835-smd-led/1843/4456/ But also Digikey is in MN... i think either would be getting these from China anyway, and both list them as in stock and able to ship today.
  9. awesome!! thanks dude!! i'll let ya know if i have any questions once i get into it, but it actually seems pretty str8 forward once getting the unit open as far as what's what. i'll just have to be patient with that since these plastics are brittle on parts like this, thanks a ton for the LED info tho, haha that was gonna be a long drilldown.
  10. Looks like no one in that thread has tried what boettcher40 and shakenfake have tried. I'll pull it this weekend and take a look and report my findings to THAT thread.
  11. so was it easy enuff to pop off the buttons themselves to get to the spots where they are? or did you take it apart from the back? i'm gonna pull it this weekend and give it a look but i'm worried about breaking something and it not going back together. i too have quite a bit of smc and audio wiring soldering experience, so if this is a thing i would rather do that than drop a hundo on a new piece. any link to those leds you found? i just checked out digikey and there is an ocean of them hahaha
  12. Yar, but this thing looks like you have to pop buttons off of it to get to the lights .... no telling if once you do that you can get the buttons back on.... i've tried to take one of these things apart before (years ago on my 89 S-10 Blazer ) and it was glued, AND some of the tabs broke off... ended up buying a new one anyway.
  13. yeesh.... I've been rewiring a few of my guitars the last month or so, so i'm definitely up on my soldering technique haha but i'll pull the unit and see what they are and if it's worth the hassle before I order one. I almost feel like if TWO surface mount LEDs or lights can go on this one, others are likely to follow. so maybe a fresh unit would be the way to go.
  14. Yeah i pretty much figured it would be a whole unit unplug and plug in the new one type o thing. Thank you for the link kind sir!
  15. Didn’t really DO anything yesterday except look at the dash and noticed this… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or “these” depending on whether you’d consider this 1 problem or two.
  16. I mean, I'd definitely wash my hands more then once a month. It's a pandemic out!!! hahah seriously tho i know what you mean... I had a silver truck for almost 15 yrs (one for 10 and the next one for 5yrs) and when I bought this Sierra in Dark Slate Metallic it's back to dark color problems that I almost completely forgot about with the silver. And when she's been dirty for 2 days, she LOOKS like she's been dirty for a year! at least that's the way it feels when I know she needs a wash haha.
  17. Same. My ‘18 all terrain in ‘21 with 46k miles is worth $10k more than when I bought her in ‘19 with 12k. Never seen anything like that. It’s crazy pants.
  18. I do believe this could very well be the cleanest black truck I have ever seen, sir.
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