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  1. I do believe this could very well be the cleanest black truck I have ever seen, sir.
  2. Don't forget Mr. Stevie Vai. Two 7-strings up there.
  3. Hahaha yea. You have to prove you can do it or they won’t even ship it to you.
  4. Fair enuff, but really the only things I tune are these.
  5. Yeah I know a lot of people go that route but I’ve never been into the tuning thing. Tried the pedal commander only because when it’s unplugged it’s gone. And now trying this to see what difference it makes in how the truck behaves w/o dropping to/from V4 all the time. But again only because when it’s unplugged it’s gone. My mods usually stop shot of altering the computers haha.
  6. Last 2. First one is just the open bed, 2nd one is under the tonneau. Oh, also don't spill your beer during all of this!!!
  7. sorry here's the rest... had to shrink my photo sizes.
  8. ok so i finally got that harness and got around to adding the 2 OEM LED bed lights to the front end of the bed. (In retrospect i probably could have asked Phil to make the 2 pigtails, but not sure if it would have been worth it to him or me... the whole harness for the bed lighting (OEM) was only $29 and i cut what i needed and it worked out perfectly.). anywhozzle it came out great and i think i AM gonna buy 2 more of the super bright Amazon ones i posted a while back... so i got the harness, an electrical fish tape that i have (key not just for mods like this but if you're a ho
  9. Yessir, weird that the website didn’t show as a link in my first post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ anyways this link will take you to the 2018 gmc page. (But it’s the same for K2’s and you can just hit change vehicle for whatever on there too. Free shipping and free bracket clips too! (Use the code they list at the top.). it may actually default to no vehicle selected too. Not sure. https://brakeperformance.com/all-products.php This is them all burned-in.
  10. Got three wheels done today, last one tomorrow morning. The caliper bracket bolts on these things are crazy torqued! 170lbs-ft in the front and 148lbs-ft in the back. Not alotta room in there for leverage. Anyways, went with some dimpled and slotted black zinc coated rotors (lifetime guarantee against warping and cracking) and ceramic pads from brakeperformance.com
  11. I think it’s like cactus and cacti, 1 Prius, 2 Prii.
  12. Yeah I took their numbers and compared it to the place I normally use for brake parts and I can save $300 doin it myself amd that’s with some nice slotted/dimpled rotors and premium pads. so I’m def doin that. And as for the rear calipers while they’re off I was gonna clean em better than I typically do, give em new hardware and check the pins etc. for just that reason. good point tho. That could get rid of the noise. and thx cajunfries. Haha seems like a dum question now, but when ordering my parts with my year it asked me to choose “with BBK or w/o BBK” but they phrased it weird.
  13. Took her in for an oil change and tire rotation (which i normally do myself but) had them check out a funky brake pedal noise (sounded like under the truck at drive thru's, not the pedal, plus my fluid has looked slightly low.) So need rotors and pads all around, (not a shocker or a huge deal) but turns out the noise is the rear calipers are freezing so i guess thats making the noise when the system releases but the calipers don't? idk. anyways i'm doing the rotors and pads myself and then i'll have the dealer do the calipers and a proper line flush. Question tho... c
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