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  1. a stone busted a front mud flap on my '18 Sierra. It's snapped but I don't know where the best place to get a replacement would be? My dealer wants 150 bucks, surely there is somewhere better. What's a good source for OEM replacements? Also, if there are better parts to be had I'm all ears. It just has to protect the body from road salt as I'm in the north east.
  2. Is the paint that bad ? I've never even considered wrapping it.
  3. Hi, I got into a new 2018 sierra last month and love the truck. My dealer said I get 2 free oil changes in 2 years with the purchase and after that it's about 100 bucks a service. This is my first new truck, I'm coming from a 2010 nissan frontier that I kept on the road doing my own maintenance and repair. Never had a major issue but it was also a very easy truck to work on aside from reaching the spark plugs. Just mobil 1 and a filter every 5k miles then coolant, trans and brakes when those were called for. Does GM honor the warranty if you do your own oil? What kind of documentation do they ask for ? Is it worth the hassle? I figure I'd save at least 50 bucks a change doing my own oil and that can really add up given how long I keep my cars. I read that they discourage you doing your own transmission fluid, so fine. I'll take it in but Oil is too simple to let someone else do it for double the money. Dealer also warned me to not modify the truck which I thought was arrogant. so one more question, anyone know a good dealer in or near rockland county NY? I don't mind a drive for a good experience.
  4. No kennels yet but this was just to get them used to the bed, they really loved it and no more worrying about my interrior, windows open and dogs safe and happy.
  5. Thanks, I was against the whole cap thing because I always associated it with old man trucks but the new ones are great. And with hunting dogs it made total sense.
  6. A bed cover wasn't going to do it because my dogs aren't getting in the cab. I ended up going with an ARE cap. It was about 2k installed but that includes a lot of options. It looks beautiful and I've had quick disconnects added for when I move larger items. Visibility is roughly unchanged, rides great. Went with ARE over Leer because of the nicer hinges and options available at this price. Highly recommended.
  7. I bought a 2018 SLT It's got the 8 speed and a 5.3 with a 3.42 rear end. I'm rated to pull about 9400 pounds which is fine for me and it can scoot within reason but most importantly I am saving on buying premium fuel. The 6.2 can take regular but then it will run in a degraded fashion. I've got the premium plus, z-71 and a few other packages, it's just about everything I could want in a fullsize. I didn't want a denali because I didn't want magna ride, I might lift / level it. I didn't get the 6.2 because I know I wouldn't put premium fuel in it. It's a solid ride and will treat you right. save the money for mods, get the 18 SLT
  8. Located in New York. I'm not sure yet. Thinking of mirror caps,. Window trim, wheels so far
  9. Love my new truck but it's got a bit more chrome on it than I'm comfortable with. The trucks is red tintcoat. Not sure if I like black or aluminum rims on it. Anyone have pictures of theirs? Anyone have one they removed all chrome from? Also anyone want to swap chrome for black bits? Kicking this idea around but if anyone's interested let's talk.
  10. Yeah definitely going to tint my windows. The dimming mirrors aren't enough
  11. I picked it up for only 45k. There were cheaper to bed had but this dealer was only 3 miles away. Sticker was 57k so I did all right for my area. I could have traveled to save a bit but I love this color and the convenience is another thing
  12. I settled on a new GMC over a used one. I got a 2018 leftover for a pretty good price. it's a 5.3 with the 8 speed and 3.42 rear all the options I could want except max-tow but I don't have much of a need for it so i pulled the trigger. What a great truck. I might want to upgrade my power folding mirrors to power folding tow mirrors but they are pricey and i don't want anymore chrome on this thing. First thing I want is a cap on it for my dogs in the bed.
  13. Thanks, It's a huge difference from my nissan frontier (180k miles on it and it ran amazingly but with 4 dogs, I needed more room) Well, I didn't actually pay for it yet. I'm going tomorrow since it took a 45 minute test drive in it to make sure everything worked it was too late to get the financing in order. Just wondering if there is anything I should eyeball or listen for before i sign on the dotted line.
  14. Hey, I found a new truck. 2015 sierra denali to replace my 2015 frontier. It's got the 6.2L engine and 8SP It doesn't have the tranny shudder. Anything else to look for on these trucks? I tested the cruise, went through the fluids no leaks.... am i missing anything obvious ? It's coming from GMC dealer but it's not certified or anything. One owner, clean carfax. 30k miles. Thanks !
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