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  1. Great info so far guys. I had a 2004 LS previous to my 2015 LT that came with tape ons. [The 04 was mechanically sound the 12 years I owned it btw]. The back door visors were the kind that stuck out pretty far to accommodate the thrust-reverser extended cab windows that flared out - also previous owner put cool DE#3 halo decals on them. Those stayed put the entire time, with the exception of half the front passenger visor snapping off in a bad storm. It's still a toss up for me, as I'm planning to add a headache rack with side mounted cubes on it, bull bar lights, and a-pillar brackets with cubes, so, which ever best completes the look.
  2. Would like to hear everyone's experiences with both - likes and dislikes. Thanks.
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