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    2017 Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71
  1. 2017 LTZ Z71 5.3L bought it with 34k on it drove it to 36k and had to have engine fully replaced because of extensive damage to cylinder 4. Hey new engine is running like a champ with nearly 2k miles on it!
  2. Bolts in my bed

    Uh oh... then this is even worse... this truck came from Louisiana..... so.... LSU fans... oh god LOL
  3. Bolts in my bed

    There is nothing under it just those 2 random bolts. lol
  4. Bolts in my bed

    Does anybody have any clue what these bolts were for? They were in the bed when I bought this truck used.
  5. Engine Replacement Aftermath

    They were going to have the truck finished a week ago but GM sent the 5.3l engine with the 6 speed trans flywheel instead of the 8 speed which my truck has. The cylinder 4 thing was the initial code when i took it in for cold start/misfire the rest of that was found after they quoted $1100 to replace 2 injectors.
  6. Engine Replacement Aftermath

    After reading it i saw the tech's description lol the serv. rep guy said they had no idea and I've always put at least 89 in this truck since at least I've owned it anyways.
  7. So my 2017 Silverado has been at the dealer for a month now just picked it up this morning from having an engine replaced. Started off with just a check engine light that lead to 2 injectors needing replaced. That turned into the WHOLE engine being replaced after they started truck from injector replacement. They still couldn't tell me what caused the major failure to replace the whole engine after starting it up from replacing the 2 injectors. At least now it runs great! lol. Attaching the whole dealer write up sheet for the engine it is interesting for a 36.5k mile truck.
  8. I had this same exact thing 2017 silverado they said 2 injectors were bad cylinder 4 & 6 and then replaced them. They started the truck up and service rep guy told me "something broke loose from bottom of engine" and now I am waiting a few weeks for an entirely new engine... I'm not sure how to feel about this honestly. Said after investigating cylinders 4 & 6 both had pitting in the walls possibly from the bad injectors? truck has 36.5k miles at time of this.
  9. My 2017 Silverado Adventure

    Yeah he is just the front desk guy anyways but in the end whatever "broke loose" did enough or whatever that now a new engine is on the way lol!
  10. So lets start this story with buying the 2017 silverado LTZ Z71 Jan 19th of this year. 34.5k miles on it. Drive it for another 1.7k miles and get a check engine light scan it myself and get codes p0300 and p050D... great probably lifters or something right? Take it to dealer they get same codes then tell me that 2 injectors in cylinders #4 and #6 are bad and need replaced. They say 1,100 for the injectors will take another week to get them in and replace. Wait the week and get a call they replaced the injectors... started the truck... and per the service guy "something broke loose from bottom of engine". Wait another week, brings us to today, get a call that now I am getting an all new Engine. They found pitting in both cylinders 4 & 6 they say probably from the malfunctioning injectors. I ask about what he meant by "broke loose" and he just says they aren't 100% sure what happened but new Engine none the less. Now I get to wait another 2.5 weeks for engine to arrive and be replaced. I am so very curious how a 36.1k mile truck can have that bad of a problem that the WHOLE ENGINE would need replaced lol. I'm glad I am no longer out any $ but still... its so curious.

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