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  1. Yeah guess I really shouldn't complain about a "Gm Certified" used vehicle. I'll remember that one. LOL Though I guess Gm did certify it was used.
  2. Back to topic My experience has been terrible so far owning this 2017 SIlverado LTZ Z71. Right how it has 40,890 on it, and is currently in shop.... again... Bought it this January with 34k on it drove it for 4 months put like 3k on it, enough to get out of B2B warranty, then had to have entire engine replaced due to cylinder/piston damage in #4. It has eaten 5 fuel injectors so far. Right now it is in the shop because the trans decided it didn't want to shift out of 3rd. At this point I'm about to just off load this POS for about anything other than a chevy lol. Forgot to add! They gave me a 2019 SIlverado LT with 2k miles.. trans STILL clunks into and out of gears like my 17 lol.
  3. Fluid level seemed fine and drove back the 20 miles to dealer on freeway at 65 average and trans fluid temp highest was 118F
  4. I am at a loss for what to do with this POS truck at this point. I have owned it all of 10 months, bought it with 34k on it, it now has 40,850 on it, and the problems have been unlimited. This morning I get off the freeway at work cruise up to stop light and stop... attempt to accelerate from light shits to 2nd with a massive clunk, almost like i hit a dog or something, then CEL comes on get to about 20-25 mph and rpms start to climb 2500 to 3k and truck will not shift higher at this point. So far in 10 months this truck has had the Following - Entire engine replaced 5 fuel injectors and now possible trans problem... god this thing is horrible. **Edit its the 8 Speed Trans** *Update* Just drove it around for a bit after cooling off for a few hours and it shifts fine now. Maybe trans getting too hot?
  5. When he calls back to confirm which Injectors I am going to ask about that.
  6. Four month's ago I had a full engine replacement for cylinder/piston damage. Well after 4 months on the new engine cold start/rough idle p050D code and another p0300 misfire code show up after just under 4k miles on new engine. Just got a call from the dealer and its injectors again, same thing I brought it in to them before the engine replacement, they aren't sure how many and which yet but he will call back when he hears more. How in the world is a "NEW" engine with 4k miles on it already having injector issues? I do like 90% driving on highway not like I am doing any crazy off-road stuff. Put 89 octane in it since I bought it in January. I really do love the truck and how it drives when I have it lol. What can I possibly do to help this dang injector issue? Total miles on this truck is just a little over 40k and supposedly now 2 injector problems already. If this is going to be a normal thing I will 100% sell this truck as a constant 1100$ injector problem is just insane for such low mileage.
  7. 2017 LTZ Z71 5.3L bought it with 34k on it drove it to 36k and had to have engine fully replaced because of extensive damage to cylinder 4. Hey new engine is running like a champ with nearly 2k miles on it!
  8. Uh oh... then this is even worse... this truck came from Louisiana..... so.... LSU fans... oh god LOL
  9. There is nothing under it just those 2 random bolts. lol
  10. Does anybody have any clue what these bolts were for? They were in the bed when I bought this truck used.
  11. They were going to have the truck finished a week ago but GM sent the 5.3l engine with the 6 speed trans flywheel instead of the 8 speed which my truck has. The cylinder 4 thing was the initial code when i took it in for cold start/misfire the rest of that was found after they quoted $1100 to replace 2 injectors.
  12. After reading it i saw the tech's description lol the serv. rep guy said they had no idea and I've always put at least 89 in this truck since at least I've owned it anyways.
  13. So my 2017 Silverado has been at the dealer for a month now just picked it up this morning from having an engine replaced. Started off with just a check engine light that lead to 2 injectors needing replaced. That turned into the WHOLE engine being replaced after they started truck from injector replacement. They still couldn't tell me what caused the major failure to replace the whole engine after starting it up from replacing the 2 injectors. At least now it runs great! lol. Attaching the whole dealer write up sheet for the engine it is interesting for a 36.5k mile truck.
  14. I had this same exact thing 2017 silverado they said 2 injectors were bad cylinder 4 & 6 and then replaced them. They started the truck up and service rep guy told me "something broke loose from bottom of engine" and now I am waiting a few weeks for an entirely new engine... I'm not sure how to feel about this honestly. Said after investigating cylinders 4 & 6 both had pitting in the walls possibly from the bad injectors? truck has 36.5k miles at time of this.
  15. Yeah he is just the front desk guy anyways but in the end whatever "broke loose" did enough or whatever that now a new engine is on the way lol!
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