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  1. Thanks for the tips guys, shop kinda sold me on a dual in dual out flowmaster super 44 muffler basically that it would be best bang for buck and easiest way to do it, being cheaper and less work then doing two mufflers, wondering if this will kind of have similar affect of X or H pipe being that the muffler itself would be kind of like a “crossover” point , does that make sense? Trying to learn here! Lol
  2. Currently mine has two pipes from manifold with two cats, like yours I’m thinking two super 40 mufflers and dual all the way back, my local shop said I should put an X pipe in, I don’t understand the Benifet of doing that
  3. Did you use x pipe? Or did they run like completely separately?
  4. Hey guys, just got a 98 Sierra 1500, it was set up with dual in single out. Right now the single is ripped out of the muffler. The dual pipes are still good I had them checked out, Now I’m trying to figure out if I can do flowmaster super 40 dual in dual out or do two separate mufflers single in single out. And ethier way should I be doing X pipe? Or is that kinda same concept as having dual in dual out in the one muffler ? Any info appreciated this is first truck I’m doing mods on , thanks
  5. 2000 Sierra 2500HD advice ?

    Thanks for the tips Davester. Also he says he’s been all over his maintenance but with 300k on original 6.0L motor any idea average life span of these ? I know it’s a broad question just trying to get a general idea
  6. Hey, new guy here, I’m looking at getting a 2000 Sierra 2500HD, I’ve never had one of these or had the 6.0L before, it’s a cheaper older truck and has 300,000 KM on it. Says he’s done seals and sensors, plugs n wires transfer case seems strong and tranny seems to be smooth and has shift kit. Also has CAI . Just wondering what I should be looking out for. Any advice would be big help thanks guys.

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