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  1. Eh for me there’s not much here that I would miss. I’m interested to see the new grille for the AT4. If it’s the same finish as the ‘20 HD AT4 I’m happy with my body color grille. I feel it’s a much cleaner appearance.
  2. My ‘17 Z71 Silverado was a Ft. Wayne truck. Had the vibration, clunking transmission and a whining rear end. My AT4 was built in Mexico. From a quality control standpoint I have zero issues so far. That being said, I honestly feel it’s luck of the draw with these trucks and has nothing to do with plant origin.
  3. So dealer just called me. They called GM and were told that it’s an algorithm based on my starts and stops and is not based on a direct read of the pads themselves. Im driving all highway and am not being aggressive with my stops, so I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’ve never had to prematurely replace brakes on any of my cars since my high school days so I’ll be watching my brake life like a hawk. Really curious to see what happens when I start towing campers this summer.
  4. My dealer just checked my truck for this. I’m being told it’s the exhaust manifold and that it’s normal.
  5. It’s a lifted truck with a 6.2 liter. It’s not going to be great. You can wipe two miles per gallon off for the lift alone. My 6.2 AT4 with the Duratracs gets 13.5 around town and 18 mpg at most on the highway. A friends ‘19 6.2 Denali is getting roughly 2 mpg above both of the numbers I’ve seen. The lift kills the aerodynamics.
  6. Well I’ll be darned... An Elevation crew cab is where it’s at! Wonder why GMC hasn’t marketed it? They probably would prefer to market entry level AT4’s instead.
  7. So it’s not just me!! I have an AT4 with 977 miles and my fronts are now at 86% and rears at 92%. Same situation. No hard stops, just commuting back and forth to work so far. I have an appointment with my dealer Tuesday to look into it. Ive asked other owners and many have a couple thousand miles and are still at 98% or better on all four corners per their DIC.
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