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  1. Shifter wobble

    Is it just me, or does the plastic covering around the steering column feel extraordinarily cheap? If I don't leave my steering wheel in a higher position, the plastic covering comes apart. I have to "snap" it back together. Trail Boss LT.
  2. Extended warranties

    I financed for 5 years, so when it's paid off the bumper to bumper extended warranty will be up, and I'll look to move into another one.
  3. Shifter wobble

    No, really! It's normal. I don't know why, but they all seem to do it.
  4. Extended warranties

    With this being a new model year, I bought one (5/60,000). Piece of mind for me.
  5. Shifter wobble

    It's normal..
  6. Having some issues

    Read this thread. Sounds like maybe your issue?
  7. Messaging App

    I too sent an email to the address provided earlier in this posting. I received a call the very next day, and 4 days later my messaging app was loaded into my app store! All is working well! I also inquired as to if they could push the newest infotainment version to my truck, but that hasn't happened as of yet. I'm expecting a call from them today!
  8. I thought we could get updates via over-the-air as subscribers to the Onstar WiFi? Like others here, I'm stuck on v509. I check daily for updates and am always disappointed. I didn't know it was a requirement to connect our trucks to home WiFi. Is this true??
  9. Yes, it does (the old style where you have to flip it up at night).
  10. LT Trail Boss brake problems

    1900 miles on my Trail Boss LT. This morning fronts were at 69% and rears were 82%. At this rate, the truck will tell me the brakes are worn out by 9,000 miles. WTF?!?!
  11. Is it going to be pushed out to our trucks??
  12. Brake Pad Life

    Isn't there an eboost software update that addresses this issue? Seems like I read that somewhere..
  13. Black/Unresponsive Screen

    They’ll swap it out for ya. Sounds like you got a bad unit.
  14. Are they visible from the top or is this picture taken from underneath? Thanks for this information!
  15. I love my cover and they can't have it! Mine is working as designed and I'll not let go of it easily especially since they drilled into the bed to install the damn thing.

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