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  1. Probably due to being over tightened.
  2. I am the man. You can't win that. Sorry!
  3. I logged out of my profile and returned to guest mode. I went into settings/sounds and turned the start up volume nearly all the way down. I logged back into my profile and now now no more LOUD start up!
  4. With all that transmission training, you should tear yours apart and report back any findings of fault. Sounds like it wouldn't be anything for you to do this and might help others to boot?
  5. Sight is all jumbled up. Hard to read. Please fix!!!!
  6. Saturday I got an Onstar update 4.46. It updated fine and I swear my truck drives better! Placebo effect?
  7. Try logging out and then back in. This worked for me.
  8. Mine didn’t change until after a power cycle of the engine.
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