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  1. I've noticed a slight vibration in my drivers side mirror as well. My solution is; I run it all the way out and all the way in, and then into desired position. This seems to correct it for a little while.
  2. My wife's '18 Tahoe LT does this, but my '19 TB LT does not. Like you, I miss that feature!
  3. My Chev TB LT did this a couple of days ago. I was in the garage leaving for work. I assumed it was because I was in the garage and didn't have a good XM signal. After I backed out the radio came on fine. I also read somewhere that XM may be having some signal issues. Mine's not done it since.
  4. I rolled into Discount Tire this past weekend with exactly 5000 on the odometer. Rotate and balance. One wheel/tire was almost perfect and the other three needed about an ounce. All is good!
  5. There’s a new software patch out that will correct that. It works! Take it back to your dealer.
  6. I have it and love it! Leaks a tiny bit at the tailgate, but the fit and finish is great! Don’t let the recall stuff scare you. Wasn’t a big deal and can’t tell what they even replaced on the cover.
  7. I have 600 miles on mine since they did this most recent patch. The front and rears both show 99%. I have over 5000 miles on my truck. It seems this most recent software update fixes the issue!
  8. Yes. 30 minute software update tops. They was fibbing to ya!
  9. 805.1 is the newest update. You’re all good!
  10. Yes. If truck has less than 6,000 miles they’re resetting the system after the software patch is applied. Based on your information, it seems that they’re going to replace pads on trucks with more than 6,000 miles.
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