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  1. Ahhhh! Yep. Sure did! Fly ball right over my head. I thought it read to report him to a mod! Sucks to be me!
  2. That's too long. Get after them! I'd be in the GM's office putting forth my best negotiation. Stay in the fight!!
  3. Great! Hold their feet to the fire and they'll put you in a different truck since that one only has 13 miles on it and is less than 3 days old.
  4. Your dealership should've told you at point of sell. It's not a new thing. Ask 'em. I damn sure would on a brand new truck! I was given this information from the finance guy when completing all the sales paperwork.
  5. You should have 72 hours to return it, no questions asked.
  6. I was just in for an oil change last week and my dealer actually advised AGAINST getting the update because GM hasn't perfected it yet. I told them they could do the recalls when I traded it in in a few years as mine's driving great. I won't even let them do the seat belt one for fear of them damaging my trim pieces.
  7. Please look and tell us what software version this is? 807.1 is the most current version as far as I’m aware. Thanks!
  8. Picture of headliner showing the dip??
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