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  1. This was an issue on my 2019 trail boss LT. Right side was not secure and I had to snap it together on a regular basis. My new 2020 AT4 is rocksolid.
  2. I grew impatient and took my truck to the dealership for the update. It seems to have updated successfully and now I have the latest version too!
  3. Do they just literally snap on over the existing knobs, or is there construction involved with putting these on?!
  4. I think this one, but I’m not sure! https://www.borla.com/products/cratemuffler-400843
  5. I have discovered that Borla has crate mufflers for the 5.3. I’m wondering for my ‘20 AT4 with the 5.3 if I can just swap out the muffler only and have a pleasant result? Will I lose any low-end torque, or will there be loud drone in the cabin? The muffler is about $270 which is much cheaper than the complete Borla exhaust system! Thoughts?
  6. My ‘19 TB LT 8 speed bucked pretty good. My ‘20 AT4 8 speed is smooth as butter! Huge difference.
  7. I owned a ‘19 TB LT and it was very loud. I mostly attributed that to the tire noise. I upgraded to a ‘20 AT4 and the difference is night and day. My GMC is way quieter! Amazing difference.
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