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  1. Please tell us the difference you notice with the CAI. Less gas mileage or more? Better response, etc??
  2. It's my experience, even as an older guy, that these trucks need to be romped on. They behave better.
  3. It’s likely the Duratacs grabbing the road surface.
  4. Did you let the dealer install the CAI for you? If so, did they do a good job?
  5. My cover came on my truck as part of the package. I love it. GM recalled it, dealership fixed it. Zero issues. Can't imagine not having it.
  6. At my first oil change, I requested the dealer to update all computer controlled systems to the latest version. One of those was the ECM. Made all the difference in the world. It was like a different truck!
  7. No. Just go with the flow. Be nice but firm with them about doing a quality job because otherwise it just produces duplication of effort, and ain't nobody got time for that!
  8. Yeah, that's what Ford does too. I can't get my head around "bending" the door to make it fit better. Ugh!
  9. Since its cold outside now, I'm having an issue where my driver's door moves. What I mean is, I can hear the weather stripping rubbing together when going over washboard/rough roads. This happened a lot with my '15 Ford (all aluminum). The doors were so light that they constantly moved in cold weather. Never could get them aligned right. Anyone else seeing this with yours? If so, what/how did you deal with or fix it?
  10. I am very pleased with the 5.3 in my trail boss! It’s leap years ahead of the 5.3 that was in my ‘07 Tahoe. Amazing difference!
  11. Love my Duratracs! We got 6" of snow yesterday and they handled the conditions very well. I'll be keeping these on until they wear out.
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