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    2019 Silverado Trail Boss LT
  1. Replacement Antenna

    Craven Speed has some really nice shorty's. I have the standard 3" version and it works great!
  2. GM accessories Only Tonneau Choice

    Mine has the recalled cover as it was part of the purchase package as well, they did the "fix" to it and it's awesome! There wasn't anything wrong with it before, but whatever. I really like it!
  3. TB Owners, what PSI?

    Cold. On 100 degree days the heat ups them to 45. Works great for my ride comfort!
  4. TB Owners, what PSI?

    43 all the way around. Sweet spot for me!
  5. Yep. She’s a goner. Time for the old truck bone yard!
  6. I purchased two new Chevy’s in the last 8 months. An ‘18 Tahoe for my wife and a ‘19 TB LT for me. We only have 9600 points. How do I get/claim 20,000??
  7. About 400 miles, or so. Time will tell!
  8. I never even made a first payment to them before refi. Hell, I actually got a refund check from GMAC, as I guess my new lender was well ahead of the 10-day payoff. Winning! :-)
  9. I have. Mine were reset several weeks ago to 100% after the software update. Today, they show 94 front 96 rears. I think it's better...
  10. Anyone have a pin stripe?

    My TB LT is white. I had a local graphics shop add vinyl hood graphic as well as black lettering on the tailgate Chevrolet. Looks sharp. You can see the hood in my profile pic.
  11. I believe he's referring to state motor vehicle inspections which are required to renew your plates.
  12. My Trail Boss is an 8/18 build and I do not have this issue. Robert
  13. Software Update 6/7/2019

    Oh, okay. That's been out since March, I think? I'm still waiting to get it.. Robert
  14. Software Update 6/7/2019

    OP; what version number of software update did you get??
  15. I bought a Craven Speed stubby and love it!

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