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  1. The 8 speed in my '20 GMC AT4 w/ 5.3 has been excellent. Zero issues.
  2. I'd be leary of using that feature too much due to wear and tear on the plastic gears inside. I fold mine very seldom.
  3. My son just put the BFG Trail terrain's on his '17 High Country and they are awesome! I'll be putting these on my AT4 real soon. Great tires!!!
  4. Log out of the app and then log back in and see if those don't go away. App glitch if no lights on the dashboard.
  5. What is the torque specs tightening these down?
  6. I have the Pirelli's on my wife's Tahoe and they are an amazing tire!
  7. '20 AT4, stock with 20" factory wheels. 14 to 14.5 on winter gas. 15 to 15.5 on summer gas. 90% short trips, city driving.
  8. I'm sure they'll put overlord Dr. Fauci in charge of enforcement.
  9. I understand this to be a normal function. It's the brake module self checking.
  10. No way I'm doing that either! Unbelievably complicated. Ugh...
  11. I have a loaded '20 AT4. How do I get the radio to remember my last station? I have been listening to the Spotify app for a few months and recently decided to tune into a Sirius channel. When I turn off the truck and restart it, it goes back to Spotify instead of the last radio channel I was listening to. Small issue, but annoying as hell!
  12. Is this update only for the '21 model year? I too have a '20 and no update.
  13. Did you dim your dashlights all the way down during cleaning? That might be the cause?
  14. Also, check your spam or junk folder. Their response may not come to your actual in box.
  15. I would tag the affected water pump with blue light paint. When they give the truck back, hold a blue light over it and you'll know for sure if they replaced it.
  16. Probably due to being over tightened.
  17. I logged out of my profile and returned to guest mode. I went into settings/sounds and turned the start up volume nearly all the way down. I logged back into my profile and now now no more LOUD start up!
  18. With all that transmission training, you should tear yours apart and report back any findings of fault. Sounds like it wouldn't be anything for you to do this and might help others to boot?
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