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  1. What is everyone doing to make more power out of these old duramaxs besides tuneing I am looking at one with 280000 miles and he told me injectors where already done to it going to look at it this Sunday and hope fully will buy it
  2. I was wondering what I should do first to this lb7 I am purchasing it’s already had injectors done and has no rust. what decently cheap things chould I do to it to keep it going with more power it has over 280,000 miles on her
  3. The tires I got with it are 265/70/17 little bigger then factory and I checked the maf it’s fine the tranny sometimes very rarely bucks
  4. It has the 3.73 gears it just feels like it can do more tho I’ve already straight piped her and what brand of cam do you recommend?
  5. Vehicle info 200 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 4wd i was wondering what everyone is doing for more power in these old 5.3s mine feels slow and doesn’t seem to pull worth a crap I eventually will get a tune but I am wondering what other mods help
  6. Vehicle info 2000 Chevy 1500 basically when I press the button to put it into 4wd low or high it does not lock the front axle I have been told my t case is working and my actuator Is working fine aswell I was wondering if I whould have to rebuild my front end or not I’ve been told by a couple buddies it’s the inside of the axle it’s self but they chould be wrong
  7. I have a 2000 Chevy 1500 and my front diff is not locking to make it go into 4wd I have already replaced the actuator but still does not work t-case works just fine the front axle just doesn’t want to lock
  8. I have found a decent crew cab lmm 2007.5 with 214,000 miles for 16000 and I am wondering what are some problems I should look out for while test driving it and looking at it
  9. I have found one i am wanting but it has around 116,000 miles on it any thing i should check out since its decently high mileage? its a 2009 ltz crewcab and the frame looks like brand new there wanting around $19000 for it
  10. I am in the market for a new truck and i am really wanting a 07-13 chevy 1500 with a 5.3 4wd crew cab and i am wanting to know some common problems with them so i can fix them right off the bat and not have them become a problem
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