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  1. Have a 2inch level and just installed ko2 285/65r20. No rub so far. I will likely block the back 1in to keep a 1/2 rake. Right now the front is 1/2 high. I also may go with just a front 1.5inch level and leave the rear alone.
  2. It’s not the full lift, just a level. Does not void warranty. I got it thrown in free with my purchase of the truck.
  3. No block on the back. I’m not sure if I want to change front level to 1.5” or add the back block. I agree with the BFG superiority over duratracs. I’ve had both and bfg for pavement are way better. I’m about to put 285/65r20s on my truck...hope they fit.
  4. ‘19, 6.2L. Just had the GM 2” level kit installed today. Looks to be nose high to me. Will install tires and go from there.

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