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  1. so I ordered a 2020 2500hd LT seo in July and have kept track knowing it would not be built right away so the first of every month I messaged the GM rep and they said ordered and accepted with no build date. so the other day I get a call from my dealer and they said after all this time my order was rejected for leather buckets RPO A50 -HOY black . Has any one else had an order kicked back?
  2. hey thanks redwngr,I knew that I would have to wait ,some one told me they needed 50 orders to set up ,then I was told that it does not matter they just do all the SEO colors at the same time .Who knows . but waiting lets all the aftermarket parts come out and fill my garage before my truck gets here. wondering if any one else has ordered an SEO color?
  3. Talked to GM this morning and unfortunately although my order was accepted on 7/2/19 ,there is no build date . I was told do not be in a hurry and I could see it by my birthday the end of October .I have been told "patience is a virtue", guess i will have to really take this as true. so I hope my new ride is worth the wait, i'm sure it's the paint 9W4. would like to know if anyone else would take that chance to order a SEO color.
  4. I'm not sure as I placed my order july 3 and I gave my number to the GM chat and they said it was in the system so Pull from the dealer on the 25 does not make sense , but I really have know idea. It's really not a number more like alphabet soup
  5. this is what my dealer told me ,going to assume that's when GM will put on the the list to be assigned a real build date
  6. Got my order number today with an available pull date of July 25th.
  7. Kind of funny reading through this, I think my dealer told me the best advice. Dont sell your old truck yet and think about November or December anything before is luck .that said. wouldn't it be great if you could get your number and follow your truck with plant cameras through production. But maybe not, it could drive some of you mad LOL.
  8. I just couldn't do black,white,silver,black, gray,white,red,white, black, black,silver,white,blue,black. that's the line up of the chevy lot , yes I'm an old man but I can't do old man colors, Chevy has so many cool colors but they don't carry over to the truck line. Dodge has a few ,ford also ,Jeep has cool colors but GM is just sitting there. If more people would take the chance and look at the fleet colors maybe GM would offer more . It's really about being safe. even my dealer said without 5k down he couldn't order it ,too big a risk, we will see . No one liked the yellow Avalanche but I still get told ,"hey that's a sharp truck". After two weeks at a big airport parking lot The bus driver said do you have your lot number where you parked ? No I said , but it's the yellow Avalanche , the bus driver said OH I know where that is. My wife and I never have to wonder is this where I parked?
  9. Placed my order on Tuesday, 7/2/19 was told that it would be in the GM system on Monday ,and should get assigned a number then will sit a wait until a vin and build number are done . My list K4B , KW5 , 9W4 , CF5, DWI , U01 , 9L7, DZR , CMT , CXH , PCM , PDU , PDZ . Hope I didn't miss anything. color is 9W4 (tangier orange) hopping to copy the paint like on the orange and black Colorado
  10. I was told not to expect my new ride before November because of color, but that's ok because it gives the aftermarket time to get some items on the market.
  11. Placed my order on Tuesday, was told that it would be in the GM system on Monday ,and should get assigned a number then will sit a wait until a vin and build number are done . My list K4B , KW5 , 9W4 , CF5, DWI , U01 , 9L7, DZR , CMT , CXH , PCM , PDU , PDZ . Hope I didn't miss anything.
  12. Funny You should say that , I have purchased 3 chevy trucks from the same dealer and I told them as soon as I could order please keep me informed. But a dealer 10 miles away has spec out a new truck and sent me updates weekly and the day prices were out they Called me to let me know . Guess some are hungrier than others.
  13. I am waiting to order my new 2020 2500hd in tangier orange, the color pictured is not the best. I love my vehicles one of a kind . their is a special kind of "freak" like myself that does not want to walk in lockstep with white,black,gray,blue,red and old man silver . so orange trimmed with black will be my new ride . when I'm done she will look similar to my bike
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