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  1. I have been using a Amsoil by pass system on every truck I have owned since 1986.
  2. 3/4 ton over 1/2 ton everyday of the week hands down. Bigger brakes, heavy duty transmission, beefier gas engine, heavy duty differential, better cooling system, able to tow more weight, etc. Go BIG or go home !!
  3. I was told by the dealer that Chevrolet will send me an e mail when they accept my order and provide the build number. Curious if anyone else has heard of this? Truck was finally ordered on 8-28 and realistically don’t expect to see it before Dec1 if I am lucky. Not holding my breath. lol
  4. Model designation for the GM built, Allison designed auto trans is 10 L 1000.
  5. Anyone know which viscosity engine oil and oil filter part number being used in the 6.6 liter gasoline engine ? Is the oil fill cap threaded as a screw on or 1/2 turn threaded lock like the 6.6 Duramax? Have not seen this gasoline engine yet. Thank you
  6. Possible Chassis and Cab only? From what I found at a dealer is, cab with open chassis, no box on the rear section
  7. You should have no water drain problem unless there is an ice buildup during winter months.
  8. You need to bring that shimmy issue to the dealer, it is covered under warranty so why would you want to take on the responsibility and expense of guessing what is the cause?
  9. Replace all light bulbs back to OEM and willing to bet your problem will be cured.
  10. Is there a web site where one can check if your order was accepted by GM ? Possibly projected build date? Thank you
  11. Learn something new every day. Did not know this. The Bak flip MX4 is a real nice cover. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Dealer was suppose to order my truck on 8-16, went down to change my order today and the salesperson placed the order while I was sitting. Guessing I will not see the truck until the end of November.
  13. Good to know that Bosch is no longer a player. After problems with my old Cummins ISB and the Bosch VP-44, I realize that Bosch does make junk also.
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