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  1. Like a number of guys I decided to upgrade my 2017 Silverado mirrors to power fold tow mirrors. The info and help from Phil Gamboa was fantastic. Boy to they give a great view, even just under normal street conditons. The Units I got were the Trail Ridge brand, very nice. After a few months I started to get a little seperation at th emirror arms, start sliding out about 1/2", not a big deal just push them back tight. Thought to contact the company as see if they could help to solve the issue, maybe contact the manufacturer. ONLY way to contact them is by email, you can not call them and they won't call you. I've searched for a number but noting yet, the 617-314-9610 number tell you to email them. Well they come back and tell me the mirrors were not made for MY truck and could not be under warranty. Instead of the bag of wires and fittings the manufacturer supplies I used the harness from Phil (nice stuff). They did not reply to that. So I highly suggest that you might avoid AM Auto Parts at all cost, they are not a company that knows anything about customer service.
  2. Super, the video I needed. Not sure how I missed it on their site. Just want to confirm to order it before I get the mirrors. Long time since I've been to Saskatoon.
  3. Thanks. Pretty dumb to have the lowest level at #22. There needs to be a lower level. Guess they know better, yea.
  4. 2017 Silverado LT, is there a simple way to confirm which of the two OEM power fold switches I will need with my mirror replacement? Hate to get into the project and not have correct switch connection. Is only way to remove the entire door panel? Do not want to order the #23154702 switch and then find out it is the other once I have it all a part to replace the harness.
  5. 2017 Silverado navigation system, seems odd that adjusting the driving instruction sound volume, the lowest number is 22, nothing lower. Is this standard or something to be corrected?
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