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  1. I just have a motofab 3" strut spacer and then 2" rear block on my truck
  2. navyguy357 Yes u need an alignment ever time u do work to suspension when they did my it was like 60-70$ can't remember
  3. Take it off it will look soooooo much better. I took my off
  4. All I had to do is just zipped tie the liner at the bottom...i have borla 2" wheel spacers and it made it worse rubbing on the cab corner. But when the 285 75 on truck wears down im putting those wheel spacers on and then I be drooping to 33" tire
  5. I got the motofab 3" motofab and got 285 75 18 (35") Do u have any problems at full lock? My upper control arm is hitting something I don't know what. I think I need some wheel spacers to take care of that problem. I think I have a +30 range offset...........thanx
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