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  1. I had my differential replaced twice and it did not work, however they came up with a new fix replacing stub shaft parts, They did this back in early December and so far no noise. I have driven in hot weather and no noise, that always seemed to make it worse.
  2. The dealership did the newest fix on my truck about a month ago for the jingle fix. They did the other fix replacing the stub shaft which didn't work. They said there was a difference in the new stub shaft this time compared to the other one. So far after over a month there is no jingle anymore. Seems like the jingle noise was worse when the weather was hot, so it may be spring or summer if I know it worked for sure.
  3. Second new differential still has the jingle. Back to the dealership Monday
  4. The new fix did not work on my truck, new shaft seals etc. still had the jingle. The engineer came by the dealership and told them to put a new differential in it. This is my second new one. The first differential they put in it had the jingle in it by the time I got the truck home about 20 miles. The new one has a little over 200 miles on it and so far no jingle! This may be the fix for me, only time will tell.
  5. The so called fix did not work for my truck. The dealership said the engineer came by to look at my truck and said the passenger side shaft is also rubbing on the center pin in the axle. He ordered me a new front differential to put in it. This will be the second differential they have put in my truck. I told the dealership I wanted the GM axle this time but who knows which differential I will get. I hope this will be the fix for me, but I'm not to confident about it.
  6. The dealership called me today after they installed the so called FIX and it didn't work. The jingle is still present. He said he was going to call the engineer, I suggested they put a front axle made by GM, they seem to not have a problem. My have to end up hiring a lemon lawyer
  7. Has anyone put the chrome fender trim on their 2019 Silverado yet. Looks like it is stick on trim. Found some on EBAY for 166.00 Let us know if you like the looks of it on the new silverados. Post any pictures if you have any of these on your truck Thanks!
  8. The dealership called me around July 10th about a fix on this issue. They have not called me back yet, hopefully next week they will, or I will call them. I will let everyone know as soon as I find out how they are going to fix this jingle
  9. Got a call from my dealership last week and they say they have a fix, GM has ordered the parts and they will let me know when to bring my truck in. Don't know what parts were ordered, but when I find out I will let you know. Hope it works this time
  10. I guess I will just wait for the fix. Hope it won't be to much longer. I don't know why they just don't replace the bad axles with the GM axles, they don't seem to have a problem.
  11. Picked up my 2019 Silverado today , already had the front differential replaced and that did not solve the jingle .Field engineer came to the dealership and drove my truck , heard the noise and confirmed it is the drivers side stub shaft coming in contact with the center pin inside the differential, said GM is currently working on a solution for this problem, as of right now there is no fix for it. Said it was safe to drive it this way! They will contact me when there is a repair is available. Could possibly be 2 or 3 months
  12. 4 days after having my front differential replaced on my 2019 Silverado its making the noise again so its back to the service department tomorrow. They are going to be so happy to see me!!!
  13. Here is what the paperwork said when I got my 2019 Z71 back out of the shop. Was able to move drivers side slinger in and out to reproduce the noise and it did. They said the drivers side stub shaft was coming in contact with the carrier center pin. They replaced the whole front axle with a new one and so far it has stopped. Hope this information helps someone else.
  14. Update - Got my 2019 Z71 back today after 3/12 weeks in the shop. Drove it around most of the day and so far no grinding noise. They replaced the front differential. If it starts making the noise again its going straight back to the service department.
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