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  1. Made ya look!!!! Not 24" rims, dual 24" smart tv's in the back seat of my new Trail Boss!!! Both work just great synced to my iPhone's hotspot. When you have a boy who plays travel hockey and you're on the road every weekend, you get creative... Will hook up his PS4 next time so he can play Fortnite with his buddies too!!! Starting to think I have too much time on my hands...don't judge :-)
  2. Bet I'm the first one here with the least expensive and most awesome mod!!! LOL Have a great holiday weekend fellas and be safe out there!!! Go Blackhawks!!! P.S. Bakflip G2 bed cover was ordered this morning so it will be my 2nd mod....
  3. Just traded in my 2017 F150 3.5L Eco for a 2019 LT Trail Boss with the 5.3L V8.... huge difference between the two from a power standpoint, but ain't nothing wrong with my new V8 either. Sure, the twin turbos were nice to have when I pulled my old boat but they had to work really hard more times than not so the gas mileage suffered because of it.... day 1 of my new truck so I'm sure I'll be to provide more comparisons down the road but so far, so good!
  4. Thanks again fellas but unfortunately, I am not interested in a GMC truck. Let's focus on 2019 Silverado's, OK? I am definitely planning to re-fi after taking the $1500 discount but I'm still curious to hear if there is anything else I can negotiate on?
  5. Not sure if you guys looked at the bottom of my spreadsheet but I was quoted $3500 off MSRP then another $2k off from the dealer plus $1500 off for GM financing... so, $3500 + $2000 + $1500 = $7000 off.... It still seems quite low compared to others... I'm located in central IL.
  6. First time poster here!!! Getting ready to dump my 2017 F150 for a new 2019 Silverado but could use some expert advice. I've seen others getting much larger discounts off MSRP but my dealer here in central IL isn't anywhere close to what I'm seeing from some of the posts I've read on this forum. I'm pretty good with spreadsheets so I put the below image together to help explain what my dealer is quoting me, as well as, my current financial situation. Looking for some "wiggle-room" help from the likes of said experts!!! Ready, set, go!!! 2019LTTrailBoss.bmp
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