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  1. Can you take a pic of what you tapped into. It seams like everything I have tried ends up being constantly on thus leaving the amp on all the time.
  2. Awesome. Thanks for the info. now I can stop turning off the auto stop when I am stuck in traffic.
  3. Correction.... I broke off something that was on the other side of the plug. Marked in red
  4. BirdDog Its a real pain to get them out. There is a little tabs you need to pull down on first and be careful because I did brake it. Then you have a little lever to push down on and it should come out.
  5. Ok so I have everything up and running since my last post, but I have a minor problem. I have the amp installed with no remote power. The amp has an auto sensing option for powering on. Ive used this just fine on other amps in other vehicles. Some time but not always when I come up to a red light and the engine shuts down the amp turns off too then right back on when the engine fires back up. Any suggestions on where I can easily run my remote power wire to.
  6. OK I think I got it now. What a pain getting to that. Blue and brown/blue right?
  7. No worries on the delay. I'm only starting to rip into it now. Also there must be a different wiring harness in the 8in display. Here's a picture of what I'm looking at
  8. Hay grimmysnr great info on this. I just bought a 2019 Chevy LT and it was the 8 inch screen. Im looking for the speaker lines as well. This is a photo of the harness just below the drivers side power seat controls. Is it save to assume that the blue/yellow and white would be my speaker wires?
  9. Hay everyone, Just got a 19 Chevy 1500. Im looking to add a small sub-woofer. I need to find out the color coding on the wiring harness for the back left speaker. My amp has a high level input and I want to tap in in an easy spot. This picture is from right be the power seat adjustment control. does anyone have any subjection where I might find a wire diagram. Been looking but no luck finding it. May just be to new to have that info out in the wild....
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