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  1. Doh! Heat must be getting to me. Yeah, fuse #17 was blown. Thank you Mr Weller. I appreciate your post and the reminder. Saved me some $ and I owe you a frosty beverage.
  2. My 2017 Sierra 1500 has had an issue with no Right turn signal or brake light on trailers. This is on both the 7 pin and the 4 pin connectors on different boat and utility trailers. Running lights are fine on both sides of the trailer. I would really like to have the Right side working as it's the most important signal in my opinion. When I need to slow down and get to the right, that's when it counts in towing. I put the voltmeter on both the 7 pin and the 4 pin connectors and there is no voltage on the Right (green to trailer) contacts. My thought is to change out the 7/4 connector on the truck with a new one and see if that remedies the problem. Has anyone else had this or a similar issue? What connector did you go with? OEM or aftermarket like Curt, Reese, etc? Thanks!
  3. Just got that email this morning.....after I spent Sunday under and around my wife's super husky Landy LR4 doing brake pads and bleeding fluid. My son was helping out and I told him a few times not to get under the vehicle. The "6 ton" stands I was using were HF and on the "eligible for refund" list. Felt a lil upset after seeing that. I cheaped out when buying those because I was cash strapped at the time and have used them for years without issue. Now, I want to return them and get new ones. SO, my apologies for the thread hijack - but which Jack Stands are y'all using that you would recommend? I would prefer to stay away from anything made in China at this point. Thanks!
  4. The fuzz shown here in the thread are from the Transfer Case drain plug. My understanding is that the transmission pans also have a magnet (Shown by Bob2C with some sludge) in the pan and there should not be anywhere near the amount of shavings as the transfer case has/had.
  5. I'm now curious to see what the magnet looks like in the transmission pan....but not to excited about dropping the pan. Looks like a PITA with the exhaust pipe running across it. I've seen the helpful videos from Dustin T and Sundae Drive on the ratchet strap technique to lower the pipe and that looks like the way to go. Anyone else got some tips or tricks on that? Going to do the fluid change on the front and rear diff's next. Another lesson I learned from doing the t-case was to pressure wash the underneath first. I probably spent more time cleaning off the plugs before I unscrewed them to make sure none of that Alabama red dirt got in there. ?
  6. at ~55k miles. Totally normal they said. Fuzzy is fine. It means the magnet is working. ?? Sidenote: my garage floor looks like an Amsoil ATF murder scene. I think I made more of a mess with the pump than without. I will try the squeeze packs next time. ?
  7. Yep. Truck smells so much better now. Decent video here that walks you through it:
  8. Thank you, sir, for the witty response and analogy. I like that fresh and clean feeling every day. I would imagine my truck does, too.....'cept during hunting season when it stays dirty.
  9. Thanks guys. I appreciate all of the input and feedback. Some of the Kirkland branded products are identical to name brand, some are "as good as or better" than name brand, and some products are not that good. How can you tell if the oil you're using is not the best for your engine? Are there tell tale signs or decrease in performance that are obvious? Is it only a catastrophic failure of the engine? Do you need an oil analysis to determine if the oil you used was acceptable? Is oil like car batteries, where all are made the same by a few manufacturers and then sold as different brands for varying prices? This is a fascinating topic and would like to learn as much as I can. Thanks again!
  10. I see that Costco is running a deal on Kirkland Signature 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5-quart, 2-pack (10 quarts) for $24.99 after $5 off. I am thinking about getting a couple of these.
  11. Thanks again for all of the replies and info. I pulled the trigger on the Cooper AT3 4S in 275/55/20 yesterday and so far, soo good. It's night and day difference in ride, handling, and feel. It's hard to explain but the truck just feels way better. Braking distance seems to be much improved, cornering is a lot tighter, and it just feels more responsive. I like the way the tires look on the truck and I'm glad I opted to have the Outlined White Letters placed on the inside for the black side wall look. I've only got about 100 miles on them since yesterday in traffic, on the highway, and around town so I will be updating after a few thousand miles, towing a boat, and some time in the woods. If I am being super picky, the only thing I would comment on is that the tires are slightly more noisy than my almost slick Goodyear SRA's that had 48k on them. To be expected, for sure. Thanks again, Matt
  12. That's awesome! Love the pic. I bet the wheels took a minute to balance out with all that nastiness in the tread. How's the ride quality overall?
  13. No, I'm down here in LA (Lower Alabama) and we are more of a tropical climate and known as the rainiest city in America. If it evern snows, it's not much and they shut down the town, no one drives anywhere, etc so snow traction is of no concern. I keep coming back to Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S for stock replacements. They have better numbers in terms of load rating, wear rating, warranty, tire weight, etc. when compared to Continental, Michelin, Toyo, and Falken.
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