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  1. Thanks. It did not occur to me to check and see if the battery was still under warranty as it was original from the factory. I just assumed that it needed a new one and didn't want to risk not having a new one. More on the story: When I got to the AutoZone after driving approximately 15 minutes, a guy from the store hooked up the tester and it read 100% good battery. In retrospect, we probably should have let it sit for several minutes before attempting the test. I was initially relieved and was just going to purchase one of those jumpstarter packs with the Lithium battery. Their inventory showed that they had one in stock but after about 10 minutes of searching the shelves and not finding it, he said they could have one delivered from a nearby store in a couple of hours. That sounded good enough and at this point I was still thinking that the battery had just gotten low but was now charged enough to not have to get a new one. Well, that changed when I walked out to the truck and tried to crank it again. It was super low and barely turned over. The wife looked at me from the passenger seat with that look and I said "Let me go buy a new battery." :-)
  2. On vacation up in the NW GA mountains and it got pretty hot on the 4th. Yesterday, in the 5th we went to leave and I used the key fob to lower the windows and let the heat out. Got in and tried to crank. Click click click. Dang. Called AAA (thankful that I had just renewed after some consideration) and the tow truck driver was able to jump it off after getting his dually up a 14 degree incline to where we are staying. I drove to the nearest town that had an Autozone and got their Duralast Platinum AGM. I didn't pack any tools for the trip, so I was glad to have someone else change out the battery. It was way harder than swapping out batteries used to be. Fortunately, they had it in stock and were open, etc etc. To my surprise, I only had to reset time and date and all of my radio presets were saved. I did not leave a light on or door open or anything like that. Only thing I can think is that the heat zapped this 2.5 year old battery.
  3. I have the Weathertech mud flaps and they have been great. Fairly easy to install, although you want to be sure that you have them lined up properly before cinching down. There are a couple of helpful youtube vidoes on the install IIRC. I also have the front mudflaps and they have greatly cut down on the mud that would end up on the flat running board after a few miles down a wet/rainy dirt road.
  4. Time for Tires

    You are correct. Sorry about the typo and thanks for catching that. Michelin and Bridgestone were both on the short list, so glad to see those. Hankook's but saw some mixed reviews and was a little turned off by those because of the negative reviews. I will also check out the Yokohama's. Thanks y'all! Keep the recommendations coming...
  5. Hey All, As the title states, it's about time for new tires on my 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Z-71. It is bone stock and I will likely keep it that way, for now. The Goodyear Wrangler SR-A tires have been serviceable, but I will not go back with them. Looking for All-Terrains with a decent tread pattern, load rating, and relatively quiet. I know that a lot of folks like the BFG T/A KO's and I had them on a previous truck and they did not do well. Heavy, loud, always out of balance and ride quality was poor in my experience. They look great, though. I replaced those with Cooper Discovery AT3's and was pleased. I have not seen many GMC's with those tires? I am looking for 275/55-20 and would like to stay under $1k, but closer to $800. I drive mostly on paved roads, spend most of the 3 month hunting season on dirt/gravel roads, and occasionally tow a 24' bay boat (~4k lbs loaded down) Advice, input, experience, and pics are much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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