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  1. Yes turns out it was the shark fin bad seal plus I’m out on warranty dealer wanna charge damm near 700 to fix it that’s crazy. Ima just fix it my self. Thanks for help guys
  2. The guys at the windshield place replaced the hoses but when I pour water with a hose it don’t leak inside only when I go threw a car wash or when it rains also door seals are good the headliner does not get wet
  3. I’ve taken it to go get checked the sun roof hoses they are good don’t know if it’s the on star roof antena I took to to a windshield place they said they had fixed it. But from yesterday rain it started to drip more. When it’s parked or driven water leaks in. It’s the 3rd time this has happens I don’t know where it’s coming from or track the source it’s a headache. Any help thanks
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