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  1. Hello I am looking for some extra lights when on the highway ... the headlight dims and brights are useless on the highway. I have a 2019 Silverado LT. Was wondering if anyone has changed the factory fogs for the Baja replacements and just run them with your headlights? if so any reviews? Does anyone use the non SAE on the highway or are they way too bright? https://www.bajadesigns.com/Products/Chevy-Silverado-2019-Fog-Pocket-Mount-Kits.asp Thank you Mark
  2. Ok so are those wires just duds then for me? We’re they the wires that would be used for the plug in if I had it ? Mark
  3. Hi all. I pulled out the plug on the right side of the cigarette lighter and there are two plugs in it ... anyone now what those wires are for?
  4. Ok .. first off I spent a few hours searching and cant seem to find my answer .. I have a 2019 Silverado LT - I would like to know what is the largest tire I can put on if I stay with 18" rims and if I got with 20" rims ... also wondering what offset I should go with to give me about 1 inch stick out past the fenders and what offset would keep them from sticking out? I appreciate any answers! Cheers Mark
  5. Hey guys Was wondering if you could share your wheel and tire setup on your Northsky Blue Metallic trucks? Cheers Mark
  6. So I really want the ATAK Catback on my 2019 Silverado 5.3L - so if I ordered the 5.3L s-type system and then just order the ATAK muffler is that something that I would be able to easily change? Does anyone know the reason Borla isnt making the ATAK Catback for the 5.3Ls? Could I order the Catback kit for the 6.2L and install it on my 5.3L? Thanks
  7. Hi I have a Silverado LT - when I turn the light switch to the park lights the head lights come on - there is no difference if I have the switch selected to park lights or head lights - is there anyway to be able to have park lights and the fog lights on without the head lights? Thanks
  8. I have a email from them ... I am assuming that was just a muffler installed and not the ATAK Catback system ?
  9. Hello all I had a 2015 Sierra 5.3L that I was running a full Borla ATAK system and loved it - I am completely disappointed that Borla isn’t making the ATAK system for the 5.3L 2019s. Is it possible to get the s-type system and swap out the muffler for the ATAK? Does anyone know why they are only making it for the 6.2L this year? What other options are going to get me close to that volume on my 2019 5.3L ? Thank You Mark
  10. Now I know this has been asked a lot but there are so many post about it I am hoping to just get a answer here. I have a 2019 Silverado LT 4x4 double cab. My overall goal is to put some better looking tires, “beefier” looking then stock. But I don’t want to gain overall height on the struck. I am in love with Fuel Beast rims. What would be the largest tire I could put on if I stay with 18” rims everything else being stock? What about if I go 20”? And if I put a level on the front what would the largest be with 18s or 20s? Cheers Mark
  11. Thank you! The snow was driving between Jasper and Lake Louise over the ice fields - was headed to Calgary and had to turn around as they closed the road half way up! Where are you located?
  12. Hello all... I am finally back to GM - my first truck was a 1994 GMC Sierra - I had that for 10 years and over 500,000kms with no major repairs till it was stolen, had 2 failed ecoboost adventures and returned with a 2019 LT last week! A few pictures below, so far shes been through her first snow storm already! I have a before and after of the window tint, 15% on the fronts, and changed to bowtie for a black one! Things in the works are larger tires - I dont want to put a lift or a level kit on it, what is the largest tire I can fit on the 18" factory rims? I am think of getting Fuel Beast rims ... anyone know if I will have any issues installing them? I am getting a bakflip, the box sprayed and the wheel wells sprayed with LineX, also getting the GM fog lights installed. Cheers all!
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