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  1. After Market Fuel Tanks

    I'm assuming you are referring to the tanks that replace the original. I preferred the poly because it was cheaper and added less weight. Had a Titan on both a 2012 single rear wheel and a 2015 dually. I installed both myself. It was not easy but doable with some patience and a motorcycle lift to get the old one out and new one in. The only problem I had with the tanks was some spit back when fueling. I learned to shut off the pump as soon as I heard it nearing full and then squeezed in the rest a little at a time. I would bet the previous year model tanks will not work on the 2020's. Titan or any other manufacturer will probably have to get their hands on a new truck to design a tank. I would think it will be a while before you see one that works.
  2. New to this forum but not GM's. I have a 17 Ford F350 dually right now which replaced a GMC Duramax dually. I like the Ford but I liked my GM's better so have been closely following the info on the new 2020 HD's. My need for a big truck is to pull our fifth wheel. The only reason I pull it with a dually is because I could not find a well equipped diesel one ton (Denali or King Ranch) in a single rear wheel with enough payload capacity for the hitch weight of my fifth wheel plus my wife and I, our hitch, a 25 gallon transfer tank and one fat Boston Terrier. I am well within the specs for an srw in all areas except the payload. I would love to go back to a single rear wheel as most of the time the truck is my daily driver and I really don't like driving a dually. I saw that GM had increased the GVWR from 11,500 to 12,100 or 12,250, not sure which, for the srw 3500's. Thus my interest. Now to relate to this post. I went to a large GMC dealer today to get more information. The salesman did not have a clue what I was asking and directed me to his in stock 2019's and said he would get me the numbers on those trucks. I said no, I want to know if you have a 2020 coming in the next few weeks that I could see. He went to his sales manger who said they have nothing on the new trucks and could not order any until August. I didn't argue and just left.

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