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  1. Painted z71 badging

    What did u put down in between the Z to not get any paint on the white surface underneath.. that area seems very tight for painters tape... Im about to do the same and want to have idea of what you used.
  2. No its hasnt been ceramic coated yet,... thats coming.. Ceramic Tint is the latest and greatest!!!
  3. Just picked her up today...Limo Tint, (ceramic) all around. full windshield 50%.. Blacked out the rear also.
  4. Gas fill issue

    What type of Gas do you all put in your V8... Regular-Mid-Super?
  5. I agree, i said the same-thing when i bought mine.
  6. On my LT Trail Boss there are two controls behind the steering Wheel (where Paddle shifters go, they have little ridges on them).. the Left One controls Audio Volume a up and down and the right one allows you to change the station or song on your iPhone... (I like that its hidden)... Put your hands behind your Steering Wheel and see for yourself...
  7. LOL!!!!!!!!! Its Just Christmas in July.
  8. Z71 vinyl inlay

    Is this the same size that is on the side of the door? the link is for the door sills.. i need two for the Side door... will this work?
  9. Here's my baby i just picked up Friday, shes at the Tint Shop, getting blacked out (LIMO) ... A few goodies at home waiting to get installed Short Antenna Blacked out lettering (Entire rear, Emblems and chevy wording) HID Turn signals HID Reverse lights Then off for XPEL on the hood and Carbon Fiber for the scoop, The RED in the Z71 will be blacked out also.
  10. Cool.. no issues with your tail gate automatically going up and down..with ur Rev cover?
  11. Best tonneau and why?

    Thank you very much, I will try this.
  12. Door sills and Bed cover I got.
  13. Just bought my TrailBoss yesterday, the dealership 1. Sprayed the Bed liner 2. Added the rear liner in the wheel well ( why isn’t this std I have no idea) 3. Bed cover installed however, the tailgate now won’t do down automatically.. Bed cover keeps catching it...(not happy about that). 4. Door sill swapped out to Silverado.
  14. Best tonneau and why?

    Just bought a LT Trail Boss and had the dealer install a OEM cover, now the tailgate won’t go down automatically.. do any of you have this issue? Is there a fix?
  15. Hello GM Family

    I just purchase my Red LT TB, yesterday and i cant wait to get her home... shes at the dealer getting a few things done. I look forward to reviewing the post and getting the modding started.

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