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  1. I was getting gas today and my software update popped in... so I let it update the software.
  2. My issue is my AC works but sometime the AC display won’t show up on the screen, or show the yellow power line of air blowing out. I will. Turn the truck off and it will come back on. My truck is 30 days old. So I’m sure my truck needs a SW update... can this be determined by the chevy app?
  3. Thanks, I’m just use to my Audi forums (audizine) where each “model” has its own sub forums / how to and for sale section all pre- grouped.. much cleaner look easier layout. But.. all good.
  4. I see that but was thinking if you have a 2019/2020 section for other topics.. make a For sale/DIY for those years also it reduces you looking at something for a 2013/2014/2015 if all you care about is 2019 items... just an idea.
  5. Already checked ..TB isn’t copyrighted no different than Raptor or 4X4 ... but just an idea...
  6. Can the moderators add in two Pinned section: for sale and How To/DIY, as people do upgrades and mods, it will be Nice to have a area where people can sell OEM parts or other aftermarket items... a HOW TO/DIY section will greatly help with Exhaust upgrades, muffler deletes, tail gate light bar installs, Lift kits, Fender additions, LED upgrades etc....
  7. All other adapters will throw errors on your dash and think you have a trailer connect when the truck is in motion. Below is the only adapter you can use with no trailer errors and backup sensors work. Trust... learn from my mistake https://www.putco.com/529005
  8. Yeah good point. ... good thing is TrailBoss like Raptor isn’t copyrighted.
  9. U need the Putco adapter only.... all other adapters will through fault errors and make your truck think a trailer is hooked up and none of your reverse sensors will work.
  10. I felt our TB Logo was bit small and understated given such an amazing truck, size and being lifted.. so I created a larger logo.. what do you think? I may market these, as no one is doing this yet. As you can see the “TrailBoss” now covers two panels following the curved lines and it’s not overly HUGE.
  11. Makes a big difference. The tailgate Putco bar also.
  12. Thanks so much for the XPEL package!!!
  13. Rich.. same exact issue my installer is having to order an adapter from putco to fix this.
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