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  1. Sorry imiller1974 U an English teacher er wut I just wanted an opinion on it! I don't want to get stuck with paying the bill when dude hit me and insurance company is not very cooperative in the matter.
  2. Hey guys first time I've wrote something on here actually just signed up cpl months ago but anyways I have a 2014 GMC (green)Sierra half ton with 6" bds rims and tires and some xtras looks fukn badass!! So I gave a coworker a ride home because his vehicle broke down after I dropped him off I was at a stoplight in St Cloud MN and was second person at light totally stopped when some dumb old man hit me at 35-40 MPH and messed up my truck...my leave spring took brunt of the impact. needless to say $18,000 in damage...front end damage but rear end is where I'm getting at after dealing with these crooked insurance people they seem to think it was only body damage on it it was in shop for over 2 months and after I got it back I noticed bunch of things wrong in rear end and went back to body shop to tell them about it and they are almost just as bad accident happened 3/29/19 and they still haven't fixed everything.. passenger side is where he hit but I noticed rattling nose and they put whole new box assembly on too and that squeeks and rattle's but shock was bad and it bounces when I'm going down road like shocks are bad when I have fox shocks which aren't even a year old...but the other day truck started acting up on way home from work rpms starting going up and down and loss of power like I didn't have any gears past 3 and tranny would drop and make loud noise..now it's at dealership waiting the word but I'm guessing tranny is out!! But hard to believe at that fast of speed and impact that the ol Man didn't damage my diff or tweak the axle or transmission? I wanted to know what you guys thought about it and what to be worried about because I know they don't make trucks as strong as they used too!!!! Please please let me know what you guys think and what I should bring up to the piece of shit insurance company (Hartford) thanks everyone!!! I have extended warranty but sure dealer won't cover it since my truck is modified with aftermarket parts...I'll try and post pics of mine and his...he was driving fmc Sierra too
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