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  1. I'm having slight vibration ynder hard braking at 40k miles. Going to upgrade to the police package brake rotors and pads.
  2. Replaces 2 yr old rusting NFAB bars with iBoards, took about 20 minutes to install. First thing I noticed was how much easier it is getting in and out, not only for me but the wife and kids. When I removed the NFAB bars, the tubes were full of rust crumbs.
  3. I went with non ceramic tint, the tint guy matched the front to the back. He has specific tint that he uses for different vehicle makes, making sure he gets as close to factory as possible. It took a few days in the hot sun for my tiny to cure and clear up .
  4. Your service adviser might have been grossly misinformed about a great product. My service dept. installed my EZ Drain 107 when they performed my last free oil change and never said a thing. The adviser seemed familiar with it as soon as he saw it he said "Yep we can put that on and put the factory drian plug in the bag". I have never once had a problem with Fumoto/EZ Drain valves on several motorcycles, cars and trucks. Close to a million miles and never had a problem.
  5. my G80 sounds terrible..dealer says its normal...
  6. Yes, I have the front and back rocking/clunk. The entire seat rocks. The dealer replaced the seat base twice and they say it's normal. Funny when I showed a salesmen he was embarrassed that the service department said it was normal. We compared it to a brand new truck, same body, same seat.....new truck was solid.
  7. Dropped it off this morning and showed them the video. They scanned it while I was checking in. No codes were stored. They called me 2 hours later, could not reproduce the error message, could not find anything wrong other than a ground that appeared to be loose and had some undercoating/fillm between the washer and the frame. They cleaned it up and applied dielectric grease. Hoping that was the problem.
  8. I had no yellow Stabilitrak light come on until the drive home in 2WD. Even when I was in 4HI on the ice, I avoided wheel spin by keeping the transmission in M1 or M2 depending on the pitch of the road.
  9. HISTORY: This past weekend I went down to the family farm to cut firewood. 20K miles on a 2016 Silverado LT 5.3 6 speed, all stock, used 4H on snow and ice, and 4L on 1/4 mile dirt driveway that was a complete sheet of ice. I had to use 4L and kept the transmission in M1 and M2 and let the idle drive the truck because the lane was literally a solid sheet of smooth ice. I did not get above 10 miles an hour in 4H or 4L. An Equinox, Camry, F150 and an Avalon all had trouble getting up/down the lane. The Silverado in 4H and 4L performed impressively well on a driveway that could double as a figure skating rink. All of my transmission shifts were done from a complete stop, shifts from 4H to 4L and back were done in N. No issues. Yesterday I left the farm and about 3 -4 miles into the 80 mile drive home, I caught a glimpse of the yellow Stabilitrak light quickly flash on and off. At first, I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. A few miles later, it flashed again. It happened several times with no messages displayed on the DIC. The more I drove the more it happened then the "Service Stabilitrak" message began to show. The longer I own this truck, the more problems I see.....drivers seat base- replaced 2x, transmission clunks and harsh downshifts, exhaust flapper valve replaced, MyLink freeze ups/bluetooth connectivity issues, radio reception poor, dash rattle (dealer cannot replicate), G80 clunks and clanks when the wheels spin on snow/grass (dealer says its normal VIDEO HERE ), hesitation under acceleration...and now this.... Here is a video of what I am seeing: SERVICE STABILITRAK MESSAGE VIDEO Anyone else have this issue? Is this something I'm going to have to deal with every time I use 4 wheel drive, then have to pay the dealer to clear/reset the error message? I'm under warranty....wondering if I can buy an extension to my bumper to bumper warranty...at this rate I'm going to need it if I decide to keep this truck. As much as I hate the Furd brand, the F150s seem to be pretty good.
  10. Forgot to follow up on this, the issue turned out to be dealer inflicted. When they changed my oil (last of the 2 freebies) the cottonheadedninnymuggins tech destroyed the o ring on the clean side separator which allowed for an air leak. GM tech could not figure out how to correctly reinstall the CSS after adding oil....and also spilled oil all over my valve cover and down the side of the motor. I replaced the o rings and have been scent free since. Thankfully I will be changing my own oil from here on out. Oh and for those who claim 'snake oil' and deny the effectiveness of a catch can, go to disney.com.
  11. Very disappointed with the NFAB nerf bars. Not only did they start to rust after a year (and I don't drive my truck in salty conditions, I have a beater car for that), but I cut a corner too tight and clipped a landscaping boulder which bent the brackets like pipe cleaners. The nerf bars crushed the rocker panel, cab corner and bed corner. $2800 damage. I really liked the way they looked but if your shoe size is larger than a men's size 9, its hard to get good firm traction on the step, especially when they're wet.
  12. The dealer replaced the seat back frame again which did nothing for the seat base movement. I'm done with GM. The transmission shifts are horrible. As soon as spring arrives I'll be trading on another brand.
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