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  1. I've been looking for a larger air intake tube for my 2019 6.0, but haven't been able to find anything. I don't want the full cold air intake, just a bigger tube to help push more air through. Has anyone else come across something that will work?
  2. Yeah, that's a little much. I'm trying to keep it under a grand, preferably around the $600 range, without getting something that's garbage. The search continues
  3. I have a 2019 2500HD with the 6'6" bed and I've been looking at adjustable height bed racks for my roof top tent and was curious if there are any out there with a higher weight capacity than 500lbs. Want the adjustable height so i can keep it below the level of the cab while driving. Only thing I've seen so far are Thule and Yakima, but 500lbs isn't enough considering the tent weighs 100, and then add on the weight of 3 people. Has anyone seen other adjustable height racks that can handle more weight?
  4. Sure enough, they couldnt reprogram them. Had to do the full swap and it took twice as long as they said. But, for $150 it was worth it, to me.
  5. I had to schedule an appointment for Monday afternoon. I will be asking more questions to them face-to-face and get a better explanation. I'll give an update after the appointment
  6. Talked to the dealer and they said they can’t reprogram them. Gonna have to swap them out. Better news is they said it’s only $150 to do it
  7. Digging up this old thread cuz I'm dealing with a similar issue. I'm trying to put some 2018 wheels on my 2019 and I was quoted 400 bucks in labor to complete the sensor swap. Seemed a little high to me. Was yours in that same range?
  8. Thanks tanner, i will have to search around for a different shop and get some prices
  9. Is there a way to reprogram it when you put on the 2018 wheels?
  10. Just bought a 2019 Silverado 2500HD that came with the boring 17" rims. I bought a set of 20's that came off of a 2018 2500, wheels and tires both. When i went to have them swapped out, the guy at the tire shop said the sensors in the 2018 wheels are different then what i have in my 2019 and that it would trigger warning lights and wouldn't program correctly. He said something about an "auto-refill" that was added to the 2019's. Something like that. Their fix was to tear apart both wheels and tires and swap the sensors, which was going to cost me, with labor, about a grand. Does this sound right to anyone? Or has anyone come across this before? Not sure what to do next
  11. There is a SLE, same year for about 3500 less, but it only has 27xxx on it Based on what KBB and NADA said, the trade in value is around 41-42K for my area. Other Denali HDs out there were 45+, but with a few less miles
  12. Looking at a 2016 GMC Sierra Denali and it has 61,XXX miles on it. I definitely want the 6.0L, but they are asking 40,000 for it. I know the 6.0 is a bulletproof motor and will last a long time, but it makes me a little nervous that it has that many miles on it after only 3 years. Haven't been to the dealer yet to check it out, but it looks in pretty good shape. Does this sound like a good deal or should I pass? It's not going to be a daily driver, but more for pulling a snowmobile trailer and camping. The rig I use for that right now barely gets 5,000 a year put on it. Let me know what y'all think
  13. Appreciate the info. Do you have pictures of your trucks? Does your 1500 still sit lower than your 2500? My only issue with the 1500 is I don't know how much I trust the AFM. I've never owned a truck that has that. From what I've heard, the 6.0 is bulletproof, and when I upgrade my trailer and get another sled for my son, it sways me in that direction. But I'm not set on that, and if the 1500 with AFM is reliable, then I could give it some more consideration.
  14. I think there is a 35x11.50 out there. I cant remember if that was for 18 or 20 inch rim though. I would get something around that range. Either with the 3:72 or 4:10 gears
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