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  1. Picked up my first truck the other day. 2019 Sierra AT4 which came equipped with the kicker boombox in the tailgate. It's bluetooth connection is very poor. It normally takes me several tries to turn my phone's bluetooth on and off as well as cycling the boombox pairing on and off to get the thing to sync. Once it is synced, I can start playing a song on Amazon music, and without fail within 2-4 seconds the bluetooth disconnects. I've tried on my iphone as well as my wife's droid and both do the same thing. I can connect and play music through youtube, but as soon as I hit the volume + button 3 times the bluetooth disconnects. It's fine with one or two hits, but on the third hit it craps out every time. Total waste of money in my opinion and the dealership has no clue how to fix it or if it may need a software update or something. Anyone else have the same issue?
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