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  1. And you have the 6 speed. Add 2 more gears and then add 2 more. There in lies most of the problem. Also EPA standards can't be achieved with tow/haul mode. I'm back to the same fuel economy as my old full size 2004 pick up truck. Pretty soon it's gonna be a single speed.
  2. I had the hard shift issue, took it in several times and dealer said it was normal. Finally the dealer installed a "revised" valve body. I don't have the hard shifts anymore, but it also doesn't go into V4 like it used to. Gas mileage suffers due to this... pisses me off. At $3.00 a gallon for gas (arbitrary number) that's $12.00 every tank full. For me, that equals $ 624/year.
  3. Forgot to mention, my transmission will sometimes hold way long in 5th - like to 4000 RPM. Mostly while getting on the freeway with no demand on the engine for it to rev this high and no urgency. I was attributing this to holding longer as stated in my previous post, but sounds similar to your issue.
  4. I have had transmission issues with my 2018 Silverado LTZ CC 5.3 8-speed transmission since purchasing my truck new in December of 2017. The dealer reprogramed the trans computer shortly after purchase. This worked for a while, but at the next service, I had the 2-1 clunk and asked them to look at it. Service advisor said the trans was operating normally. I then looked up the problem on-line here and I found the same concerns I was having. I monitored the trans temps and found that the clunking was only occurring after the temps hit around 150-160 degrees (190-195 - typical fully warmed up temp). The trans would clunk into reverse sometimes at start-up, but the downshift clunk would only occur once the trans temp was 150+. I finally took the truck in when the clunking got really bad - park to reverse, 2-1, 3-2, etc. I had a service tech drive in the car and who felt the problems first hand with me and acknowledged. At this time Service advised me that a new valve body was needed and had to be ordered. It took a week to get this part to correct the issue. I've put 7,500 miles since repairs with no more clunking issues. I have noticed however, that my fuel economy has dropped 1-2 mpg and shifting points are a little different. I have noticed that the motor will rev a little higher and hold a little longer in between gears than before.
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