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  1. Update: it’s been 3 months and I did have a faulty fuel pump but I still have the many problems I was having before. I put a code reader on the truck and it counted 11 codes but it seems some were repeats the codes were P0320 P0315 P069E P0191 P0023 P025A and P0174. My original symptoms were intermittent loss of power while driving with sometimes the engine turning off rarely though.
  2. I’ll check that when I get some time I did check pressure at idle and it was maintaining 60 but I’ll get someone to watch while I rev.
  3. I put the old (2nd) fuel pump back in and I have pressure now where it will fun but I’m still having an issue while driving. The rpms go down and you can feel the truck slowing down quickly since it’s still in gear but this will only happen for about a second every minute or so it still idles fine.
  4. Hey everyone I’m a new member so if this topic is in the wrong area please just let me know. I have a 2007.5 GMC Sierra slt with a 5.3, it’s an extended cab 4wd as well. The issue I’m having is that I have no fuel pressure at the rail, I have disconnected the fuel line at the pump and it is pumping but I haven’t tested the psi. This is the 2nd fuel pump I’ve put in the truck and I also replaced the fuel flow controller that’s on top of the spare tire. I can blow air through the line and air gets to the other side so there is not a full blockage somewhere. The truck was running but would lose pressure and Rpms would drop for less than a second once every few minutes but now the truck will not start at all. The truck has had the issue now for 6-7 months and has been not running for about the last month. Any help at all would be very much appreciated as I have no idea what else to do.
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