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  1. Can I use any diode I have or does it have to be a certain one? Also any idea if I can do this one, AND do the other one everyone has been doing in this post aka (the one where the fogs come on with your low beams)
  2. Thanks man! Im in CT so we have really crappy winters too but was looking for lightweight and good quality!
  3. Hoozier, what running boards are those if you dont mind me asking? Been looking for a set and havent been able to find anything I like!
  4. Hey guys I have a 2019 Silverado LD (2018 body style). I am looking to get a backrack for it. I have been really interested in the magnum back racks. They seem like they are made from good material and have an easy plug and play wire and most importantly look pretty good. Does anyone have one of these or know more about them. Also open to other suggestions for back racks (with lights).
  5. Be sure to post some pictures once everything is installed! Is it all plug and play?
  6. So I purchased the morimoto tail lights, installed them and right off the bat the passenger side hyper flashed and the driver side worked fine. Returned them and got a new set and installed them. After I got the new set, once again not one but both sides hyper flashed when the blinker was turned on. The brake lights are pretty nice but the reverse light wasnt bright at all which was upsetting for a almost $500 set of lights. I was so aggravated that the second set didnt work properly that I just got my money back. I called morimoto so they could diagnose the issue and Morimoto told me it was due to bad resistors. I bought these through american trucks but their technical support had no clue what was wrong with them and thats why they instructed me to call morimoto. Neither companies were helpful. Very disappointed in these tail lights, and lack of customer service.
  7. Looking for recommendations on aftermarket LED tail lights for my 2019 1500 LD, same body style as the 14s-18s. (Non factory led) I replaced the reverse lights with diode dynamics led bulb but the stock housings suck and barely throw any light. So Im looking for something all LED. I like the morimoto xb led tail lights but theyre kind of pricey at $475. Does anyone have a discount on those or anything? Let me know what you guys have and if you like what you have or not! Thanks in advance!
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